In the gaming world, people in the tens of thousands play Minecraft every day! This isn’t because the game has the highest graphics, but because of what players can do while in the game. Minecraft gives players a platform to be a pirate, a pilot, a warrior, and so on. The content and abilities of players’ characters is what’s most appealing about Minecraft.

Players can live their fantasy through the Minecraft game. One other fascinating feature of the game is that the possibilities are near-endless. Players can get together and build an entire city and work to defend it from an enemy invasion. Also, single players can build a house on the mountains to prevent a monster attack. There are so many possibilities on Minecraft, and the simple design makes it appealing to a large number of players.

For a better, more organized gaming experience, we’ve compiled the best Minecraft Zombie servers list for visitors to our site. Through our Best Minecraft Zombie Servers and other lists, players get to choose their ideal server and save time.

What’s a Minecraft Zombie Server?

A Minecraft Zombie server, as the name suggests, has a lot of zombies in the environment. Players have to be watchful on a Minecraft Zombie server, or their character could become dinner for the walking dead. There are many types of zombies on Minecraft, and each has a damaging effect on players’ characters. Most of the zombies move in group, and could overrun a city that took a very long time to build. In this server, it is better for players to have a lot of members on their server to beat back the menace of the zombies.

There are zombies on this server that don’t like being in the sun, and players can use this to their advantage. There are other zombies called husks, that are more dangerous than the regular zombies on Minecraft. These husks can walk in sunlight. They can also deal more damage to a character than the regular zombies.

The zombie server is ideal for players that wish to have a continuous fight for survival. In this server, it is vital for players to have a secure shelter and defenses to prevent a sudden zombie attack. There are many other servers listed on our site such as the hardcore, pirate and skywars servers that’ll guarantee players a whole new level of fun.

If the zombie server is your choice, then look no further! We have the Best Minecraft Zombie Servers listed on our site. This list gives players a thrilling experience where they have to be in a constant fight for their survival. The Best Minecraft Zombies Servers we’ve listed in our site get regular updates to ensure players have a good time.

How to Join A Zombie Server

To join a zombie world on Minecraft, you need to:

  • Get on the Best Minecraft Zombies Servers list on our website
  • Copy the IP address of a preferred server
  • Access your Minecraft account and select multiplayer
  • Select Add server and input the server’s IP

When these steps are complete, then players have access to the zombies on Minecraft. Better be careful on this server, or you could lose what you’ve gathered for a long time in moments. For the gamers who thrive in a world where survival skills are needed, game on!!