After its release a few years ago, critics taught Minecraft would be a seasonal favorite that would eventually fade. But the game has continued to grow and is currently rated as one of the best and highest grossing games in the world. The game has a simple build with a lot of features. The features of Minecraft are so diverse that an attempt to collapse all features into one server may crash the game. This is one of the reasons why the game’s developers (Mojang) made it possible for the game to have multiple servers that can be easily updated

There are hardcore survival servers where players have to begin in the Minecraft environment with limited resources. Also, there are servers that make it possible for players to become builders. What also makes Minecraft appealing to players is the possibility of making a team. You and your pals could get on a server and restrict the access of other players. All these make the use of servers relevant on Minecraft.
The features available on Minecraft are ever-evolving. This makes it vital for players to gain access through servers. A Minecraft whitelist server gives players the opportunity to play Minecraft with the very latest features. Servers also make it possible for players to engage in a team effort against other players or the Minecraft CPU.

Based on the importance of servers in enjoying Minecraft, we have selected the best servers and compiled them into lists on our website. So if you want access to the best Minecraft Whitelist servers among others, gain access to our comprehensive lists, make your selection and start enjoying Minecraft.

What is a Minecraft Whitelist Server?

A Minecraft Whitelist Server is a server that makes player restriction possible. It works in a way similar to a Realms server with a few differences. The server only allows players on its whitelist to gain access into the game. The server is controlled by an administrator. Such a server is ideal for family members or a group of friends. A player can join a whitelist server when the admin grants permission.
It is also very easy for the admin to remove any player from the Minecraft server. A whitelist is useful where gamers have a certain goal and need no extra interference from unknown players.

On a Minecraft Whitelist server, players can build entire cities and forts, enjoying all the mods and extras loaded on the server.
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How to Join a Whitelist Server

Follow these steps:

  • Get access to the best Minecraft Whitelist servers on our site
  • Select a server and copy the server’s IP
  • Log in to your Minecraft account
  • Select Multiplayer and then Add Server
  • Input the selected Whitelist server IP
  • Wait for addition of your username by the server’s admin

When these steps are followed, and the player gets added to the whitelist, all the features of the server become available to the players. All these servers will ensure players have the best experience in their sandbox adventure.