Minecraft never ceases to amaze its players. With more than one hundred million players over the years, the game has proven itself to be remarkable. The game is nothing short of phenomenal and continues to attract new players every day. Players can’t seem to get enough of the game. It has grown from a sandbox game with numerous initial criticisms to a game enjoyed across many devices.

Players have lots of reasons to get hooked to Minecraft, and one of those is the huge number of available servers. With a server linked to Minecraft, players have access to Minecraft with the option of all the latest mods and extras.

With servers so many on the internet, it may be an uphill task to locate an ideal server for you. Minecraft servers list are all over the internet, but we’ve compiled the Best Minecraft War Servers and a lot of others for our players. It’s our duty to provide the fastest and most quality servers for players to have undiluted access to Minecraft. We know how important gaming is to you, that’s why we work round the clock to get the best Minecraft War servers and others for our visitors.

So, if you wish to play in the best Minecraft pirate, vehicle, towny and other servers, then we have all the lists you’ll ever need to keep you having fun.

What is a Minecraft War Server?

If you’re keen on an all-out war, then get access to a Minecraft War Server. In the War server, players get to experience an environment that requires constant battle.

Players can be in melees for as long as they want, vanquishing foes along the way. Also, there’s the possibility to keep the battle stretched through many areas. If players want, the whole virtual world can be war-torn. In such a chaotic environment, players can go solo, defeating enemies and acquiring their resources along the way. It’s also possible for players to get teamed up and fight against other characters. The Minecraft War server is also available in hardcore mode. In this mode, players could get suspended or banned from a server after death, making the game challenging.

All these and much more make the Minecraft War server one of the most interesting servers. If you prefer getting into a volatile Minecraft environment, then we have the best War servers listed on our site. All these servers are vetted and will optimize the experience of gamers.

Visit our Best Minecraft War Servers list today and get playing through our large selection. If you need a challenge that isn’t set in a war environment, then there are MineZ, PvE, voltz and other servers listed on our site. All these servers ensure players have a fun time on Minecraft.

How to Join a War Server

Thinking about joining a Minecraft War server? Follow these easy steps:

  • Select a server from our list
  • Copy the server’s IP address
  • Log into Minecraft
  • Select Multiplayer from the Main Menu
  • Click on Add Server
  • Enter the IP address of the selected server

When these steps are complete, you’re instantly connected to the Minecraft War server of your choice.