Minecraft is a sensational game released by Mojang. This game makes it possible for players to have access to a wide range of possibilities. In the Minecraft universe, players can do anything they want. So if you’ve been searching for a place to express your inner self, Minecraft is for you. Made in a sandbox format, the game remains alluring and adorable to its many players.

With the present craze for games with advanced graphics, it’s fascinating how Minecraft remains popular with its basic design. Minecraft has survived and continues to thrive with its blocked design. Minecraft has two simple ideas – create and survive. These two ideas expand deeper into the Minecraft universe and the possibilities are endless.

Players gain access to Minecraft through servers. These servers make it convenient for the game developers to make mods available. Mods keep the game interesting and prevent players from getting bored.

Minecraft has a lot of servers such as pirate servers to keep your dream of the sea alive. There are also pirate, skywars and other servers to meet players needs for creative gaming.

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Minecraft Vanilla Server – What is it?

A Minecraft Vanilla server is Minecraft without any mods. This server only has the base features of Minecraft. This is why the server adopts the name ‘Vanilla’ due to its plain build. The Vanilla server also limits the possibility of expansions, but is faster than other servers based on the absence of modifiers. It’s also impossible to add plugins to the Minecraft Vanilla server. The developers have made it that way to keep the initial Minecraft build alive.

This server is ideal for beginners who need a clean start to the world of Minecraft. When on a Minecraft Vanilla server, the storage space needed to host the game isn’t too large. Mods and other add-ons increase the storage space needed to play updated Minecraft. This makes the server ideal for players who want to experience the game but don’t want to subscribe to a more expensive hosting service.

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How to Join a Vanilla Server

To join a Minecraft Vanilla server, all you need to do is:

  • Access our complete selection of servers
  • Select the Vanilla server list
  • Choose the server you wish to join
  • Copy the IP address of the server
  • Paste the IP address of your selected server into the Minecraft client

After these steps, you have a direct link to the best Minecraft Vanilla servers through our website. These servers will give you a standard experience of Minecraft, and set you up for a long time in the virtual universe.