When it comes to crafting and making fun with building materials in Minecraft, the possibilities will always be unlimited. Sometimes tech, construction and survival mods are merged to make for unusual Minecraft experiences. And whenever these are developed in Minecraft servers, the difficulty of their gameplay is one that increases as players progress. These descriptions match The Madpack Servers, which have some of the best Minecraft adventures. Do you wish to assess information about the best Minecraft The Madpack servers available? You need to look no further than this site. We have done all the work for you. All you have to do is simply run through the list which we have complied with and got relevant information about each Madpack server.

We have each of them listed in no special order. All of them are good for you but no one really knows what is good for you as much as you. So, jump on this list and make your pick by checking out important information we have on each of the servers. We have put together the IP address and the Minecraft version of the server, both of which are requisite information for playing. You will also get information on the player’s perception of the server as depicted in their votes. We have a uniform format of information on our best Minecraft The Madpack server list.

What is The Madpack Server?

The Madpack refers to a type of server that comprises a modpack designed for tech and survival experience. It was initially made for Minecraft version 1.6.4 and hosted by ATLauncher. Created by popular Minecraft Aficionados, Kehaan, and Jon Bams, The Madcraft is a series from 1 to 4, with each basically differentiated by an increase in Number of modifications.

One unique feature of any type of any “The Madpack” server is the fact that the level of difficulty in its gameplay is not like most of the other Minecraft servers. This is the real deal that gets your head racking as make progress. Some of the Modpacks in the servers include Dartcraft, TConstruct, IC2, Bibliocraft, Buildcraft, NEI, Hardcore Ender Expansion, EnderIO, Galacticraft, Big Reactors, Pam’s Harvest Craft, Lucky Block, Minefactory Reloaded, Minecraft comes alive, Rogue-like dungeons, Small Boats Mod and Falling Meteors. These, of course, are merely reflective of the diverse world of mods offered by some of the best “The Madcraft” servers.

Another interesting feature of The Madcraft server is the availability of Fastcraft, a highly sophisticated mod that enhances server performance without causing any game change. It can be enabled by default, as all you have to do is drop your mod folder with Minecraft Forge installed and watch your PC or server become more optimized for your gaming pleasure.

How to join A Madpack Server

If you are hell-bent on hopping on any of the MC Madpack servers which we have compiled, then you are just a few minutes away from discovering a darker side of your inner mind. The process of connecting to a server that you may have chosen for the list is the same as joining any other Minecraft server.

To connect a server, you have to be sure that you are running the exact version of Minecraft as the server. After you have ascertained this, log into Minecraft and look for Multiplayer on the main menu. Then click on the Add Server option and input the IP address of your chosen server. Your guarantee fun time on any of the Minecraft The Madpack servers that we have compiled.