Mining and crafting is never the way you know it when you log on to any of the best Minecraft Tekkit servers online. You are deeply entrenched in worlds that aim for fun through concept revolving around industrialization. You may choose to create a spaceship using RP frame motors. You could build a fully automated factory where other things can be created. You may even go on to build a danger zone and attempt to survive through it. Really, Tekkit servers provide opportunities for your imagination to express itself. There are various servers online that provide this exciting experience but we have a list of the best Minecraft Tekkit servers (don’t miss out on Tekkit Legends mode).

Well, we do not just have the list of best Minecraft Tekkit servers on our site. We have put important information along with each of the listed servers. The website address of the server, the uptime of the server, IP address, Minecraft version, the voting systems, locations of each of the servers as well as their ranked number of all Minecraft servers. Out of all the information, the IP address and Minecraft version, which are necessary for login are vividly displayed. So, what is really up with Minecraft Tekkit Server?

What is a Minecraft Tekkit Server?

A Minecraft Tekkit Server is a product of the Technic team, a group of developers that is led by KakerMix. They are responsible for the successful Attack of the B-Team concept, Tekkit Classic, and Tekkit Legends, to mention a few of the Minecraft games off their stable. Tekkit is a mod pack that was intended to be a replacement for Tekkit Lite and Tekkit Classic. The theme used for the interface of Tekkit revolves around space with paraphernalia like constellation, moon, planets and the likes giving you an out of the world feeling. The crafting possibilities lean towards engineering and mechanical but you can get creative and do tons of other stuff.

Tekkit has Galacticraft mod to best represent its space outlook but a search on Google or Yahoo will reveal to you sites that list tons of other mods in the server. Some of them are Logistic pipes, Extra Utilities 2, OpenMods Lib, NEI Plugins, Mystcraft, Universal Electricity Core, Steves Carts, Vending block, Chicken Chunks, Extra Cells, build draft and numerous other at a player’s disposal for constructing a personalized game mode. If you are impressed by one of the best Minecraft Tekkit Servers on our list, hoping on it is quite an easy peasy thing.

How do you join a Minecraft Tekkit Servers?

So, how do you join a Minecraft Tekkit Server? This is quite a piece of cake for all the Minecraft Tekkit servers that we have listed.   It is the same process as any other Minecraft Multiplayer server you can find online. To connect, you have to be sure that you are running the exact version of Minecraft as the server. After you have ascertained this, log on to Minecraft and look for Multiplayer on the main menu. Then click on the “Add Server” option and input the IP address of your chosen server. Our site has already relieved you of the stress of having to run a search for Minecraft servers that host Tekkit by carefully selected the best of the best for you.