It is quite a familiar thing for many Minecraft Servers to allow you to start your “mining” with a mere chunk of dirt. But with Minecraft StoneBlock Servers, the need is invariably nimble hands with blocks and a keen interest in rooting through the underworld. There are many servers that provide this service for your pleasure but we have done a good job of pulling together a shortlist from which you could select.

We have researched and compiled a list of the best Minecraft StoneBlock servers list for players who have exhausted the fun derivable from SkyBlock but would not mind a similar experience. We have all the necessary information for each of the best Minecraft StoneBlock servers on the list. The two most important ones are the IP addresses of the server you might have chosen as well as the Minecraft version. We have also included other information such as the uptime of the server, the votes it has been able to get from visitors to our site as well as its users, the website address of the server owners and the location of the server (by country). With this information, you are well-guided about the choice to make.

What is a StoneBlock Minecraft Server?

StoneBlock is yet another multiple players Minecraft server that offers mods that are different from the default Minecraft that was released by Mojang. While sharing similarity with Skyblock in terms of gameplay, Stoneblock servers are designed for players to build their ways through the Underground. For Skyblock, your fun is in the air. This type of server is more cryptic as it takes you through dungeons of blocks. For those who are bored with Skyblock but desire a similar experience of the game, Stoneblock is the right alternative to give some consideration.

This new tweak is a survival game, with your building skills, perhaps the best possession at your disposal to make it far. StoneBlock has a quest book that is meant to give you a guide through the pack. Although the primary material for building in any of the best StoneBlock Minecraft servers is the stone blocks, you also have minimal opportunity to use similar materials to achieve your goals. This is because as early as possible in the game, you will need to use stone blocks to craft your wooden arrows and furnace. The world is a cryptic, underground world that could get scary and you go deeper into the game.

How do you join a StoneBlock server?

This is quite simple. If you are not new to the Minecraft world, all you have to do is follow the same process for joining a server as the once you have been playing. If you are new, the steps are hereby highlighted.

To connect, you have to be sure that you are running the exact version of Minecraft as the server. After you have ascertained this, log into Minecraft and look for Multiplayer on the main menu. Then click on the Add Server option and input the IP address of your chosen server. So, you have our list of the top Stoneblock servers , the choice is all yours. You are only a few steps from crafting your way into the underworld!