Minecraft is diverse and replete with numerous possibilities. One example is the deviation from the original Minecraft Spigot server released by Mojang. There are thousands of servers created to improve the experience of Minecraft players. It is also because of this that Minecraft is widely accepted the world over since it was first released in 2011. Spigot servers are available for those seeking adventure and survival mods. There is a ton of these servers on the Internet but you have to be sure of the one that satisfies your needs. Given this, we have put together a list of the best Minecraft Spigot server List from which you can make a pick.

We have put together relevant information about each of the best Minecraft Spigot servers on our list. You will discover the version of Minecraft of the server, one that must be comparable with the Minecraft you run, and the server’s IP address. You get to know the number of players that are already on the server and the number of votes it has accrued from its users. You will also find out important information about the owners of the server, the country within which they operate, the uptime of their server and their websites.

What is a Minecraft Spigot Server?

A Minecraft Spigot Server is a type that allows you to build a custom experience for Minecraft. How exactly is this achieved? Well, what the best Minecraft Spigot servers offer is the possibility of optimization by end-users through plugins or addons. Although Craftbukkit used to be a modification of the original Minecraft Vanilla server to fix exploits, errors, and plugins that were made from Bukkit API, it is no longer being developed, and as such replaced by Spigot which is more in tune with newer demands. With Spigot, you are able to customize your server with utilities (Plugins or addons) that will optimize your gaming.

However, since Craftbukkit has been shut down from updates, Spigot now plays the role of making it faster and more productive for end users. This is because both Craftbukkit and Spigot were from the same source. Today, Spigot is the go-to resource for most modded servers as it makes Minecraft Multiplayer truly worth the while for end-users. Spigot is built on Bukkit API and has been the best bet for making for easy, fast and fun gameplay. Even more interesting is the fact that the possibility presented by Spigot has enabled many developers to create plugins to address identified problems with Minecraft servers. By and large, servers that use Spigot or SpigotMC can be categorized as Minecraft Spigot servers.

How do you join a Minecraft Spigot Server?

For you to join any of the best Minecraft Spigot server, you need to look no further than the similar steps most players follow as the other Minecraft servers that are on the internet. To connect, you have to be sure that you are running the exact version of Minecraft as the server. After you have ascertained this, log into Minecraft and look for Multiplayer on the main menu. Then click on the Add Server option and input the IP address of your chosen server. Our site has already relieved you of the stress of having to run a search for Spigot Servers by carefully selecting the best of the best Minecraft Spigot servers for you.