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Minecraft remains the most successful game when it comes to player activity. With countless records shattered by this game that’s barely older than a decade, pundits wonder how the game thrives.

With all the reviews pointing to the success of this franchise, it’s no wonder there are thousands of developers creating their own version of the universe

Developers that create Minecraft servers call their builds mod packs. Mods such as Skyblock define the way games are played on Minecraft today. Some packages allow players to have access to more exciting features.

Over the years, Minecraft has attracted more than a hundred million players. These players are drawn to several exciting features of this game, even if they’re built on a simple layout. If you access Minecraft for the first time, you may be inclined to believe it’s a waste of time.

But when you get access to the mountain of features available in the game, you’d have an instant re-think. Many players of Minecraft fondly describe the game as timeless and having no end. Some pundits have even claimed the Minecraft universe available to a single player can span multiple times the landmass of the earth!

There are so many ways to enjoy Minecraft, but these ways are only possible through servers. Minecraft servers host games for a variety of players concurrently. With the aid of servers, tens of thousands of players can be on a map at the same time! Isn’t that fascinating?!

To enjoy the best from Minecraft, all you need to do is access our lists of Top Minecraft Skyblock servers. On our site, what we promise is the highest quality selection and nothing else. If you intend to gain access to the best faction/prison/skyblock etc. servers, then make the lists of Top Minecraft servers your choice.

We also have the best Minecraft Skyblock servers list to give you the most complete experience you can get from any server. Get on our agenda today, and start gaming as you please.

What’s a Skyblock Server?

A skyblock server is survival-themed, and on this server, players are residents on islands that float. On a skyblock server, players have the opportunity to live a natural life without too many dangers. Some players liken the Minecraft Skyblock server to a skywars server without all the danger. The engaging activities on this server confirm this assertion.

On the skyblock server, players can grow their own set of crops; build houses, and much more. There are many things to do on this island, and players start off with a few default items in their inventory.

Play Alone or in Groups

On the skyblock map, players can opt to be alone or play in groups. The server remains open to players with several challenges unfolding over time. When on a Minecraft Skyblock server, you need to engage in a lot of building to store your items or keep mobs from escaping.

To make anything stable on Minecraft Skyblock, the primary element you need is cobblestone. Cobblestone is vital for building sturdy houses and barns. To get a decent amount of cobblestone to make whatever you want, you need to get a cobblestone generator built.

To get cobblestone on this server, you have to set up individual blocks at any lava and water confluence.

Also, you can get other useful items built from materials spread over the universe. You can create a bed to rest in your cobblestone house. You can also make some slabs a few blocks away from your home to keep mobs for their hide and bones.

Mobs’ leather and bones are essential when looking to get more items to help you create more resources for yourself.

Become a Hunter

In the Skyblock server, you can be an established hunter with when you get the hang of it. What you need to get first are a bow and arrows. You can get your arrows crafted by making use of sticks and strings.

You can also craft arrows through collecting wood from trees and feathers from chickens. When you have this setup, it’s possible to shoot arrows to neutralize distant enemy targets.

Create Lakes & Crops

There are so many exciting things you can do on this server. To create your own lakes and water your crops, you need access to a steady source of water. What you need on this server to get access to an unlimited water supply is to build a 3 by 1 rectangular source of water.

Apart from being one of the most exciting maps that can be found on Minecraft, the server is also very educative. Join a server today, and get your creativity on track in no time! With the list we provide, you’ll get access to the Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers.

We also have other records of minigame/economy/skywars servers to keep you gaming for longer.

How Does A Minecraft Skyblock Server Work?

The Minecraft Sky works through several channels. How this server functions also depends on some factors that we’ll see below:

Number of players

On a Minecraft Skyblock server, a community isn’t actually the in-thing. A player can go solo for as long as they wish, by the rules, of course. When on a Minecraft Skyblock server, the possibilities of your character being attacked by that of another player are slim.

On the flip side, hosting the server requires a look at the number of players that’ll be accessing Minecraft through it. The amount of storage needed to host a server differs, and size is the real determinant.


Mod packs aren’t available on a Minecraft Skyblock server. The best you can get are chests. Many players liken the Minecraft Skyblock server to a Vanilla server due to this feature.

A good number of players feel mods are an integral part of any server. On the flip side, the Minecraft Skyblock server has a lot of exciting elements that’ll help you forget about mods in no time.

Build & Survive

The focus of your character on the Skyblock map is to build, survive, and thrive without any magical or extra-ordinary aid. To maintain the server’s form, spawning items from other servers to help with creating on Skyblock isn’t allowed.

With all the crafting skills you’d learn, the absence of mods may go unnoticed in no time. If you’re intent on getting your creativity firing on all cylinders, then get hooked to a Skyblock server.

The most ideal way to do this is through our long list of Top Minecraft Servers. At Into Minecraft, we offer the Best Skyblock Servers list. Each entry in our list ensures you get into the survival sandbox adventure of your choosing without hassles.

Apart from having the Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers on our list, you can get access to other server types with relative ease on our site.

What Makes a Skyblock Server Good?

No bridges

For you to enjoy your time on a Skyblock server, don’t attempt to build bridges onto another island. It’s undoubtedly going to appeal to you when you have the resources to create a link between you and another landmass.

If you see any island closer to yours, trying to create a link may result in your suspension or permanent ban from the server. The penalty depends on the server’s settings.

No cheats

Also, it’s frowned at to use cheats when in the Minecraft Skyblock server. The aim of this server’s existence is to create a plain build, something like a Vanilla server where players create and survive. If you’re a mod lover, then it may take you a while to get used to the Skyblock server.

The main reason why the use of cheats isn’t allowed is that players may find survival too easy on the map with all mods available. The only extras you can get from a Minecraft Skyblock server are chests with some useful tools and weapons.

These chests can be found in various areas around the Skyblock universe.

No dying to re-spawn

When on the Skyblock map, players are expected to be creative and sustain their character through farming, fishing and hunting. If the health of your style depletes as a result of an attack, jumping off the edge of the island isn’t the best choice. With the resources you’ve gathered, you can quickly replenish your character’s health and keep enjoying your game.

If you choose to jump off the edge of your map, you may find it hard to locate what you’ve built after repeated re-spawns. After the jump, you end up with nothing and start all over with the default items for your character.

Skyblock challenges

One exciting feature of the Minecraft Skyblock server is the availability of problems. With these challenges, you have the opportunity to build your inventory and develop more structures on your map.

There are dozens of challenges, and in some of them you get to:

  • Build a house
  • Make the cactus green dye
  • Expand your island
  • Build a portal to the nether realm
  • Make a pumpkin farmhouse
  • Get mobs trapped and use them to your advantage
  • Cook for survival, and much more

All these challenges involve you learning a lot about the Minecraft world. When on the Minecraft Skyblock server, you can learn a lot, which would help improve your overall survival skills.

We bet you’ll want to try your hand on a Minecraft Skyblock Server right now. If that’s the case, then we have the top quality server lists above.

How Do I Join a Skyblock Server?

It’s so easy to join a Skyblock server. We’ll give you detailed updates on how to get into a server. We’ve also gone a step further by providing you the Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers list. Let’s see how you can join a server of your choosing:

Find a Server From Our List

The first step in becoming a member of a Minecraft Skyblock Server is getting a list located. Server lists will give you a decent number of options to make a choice. And as it happens, there’s no other place where you can get high-quality servers than Top Minecraft Servers.

Look through our complete lists of different servers and click on our Skyblock Servers list.

Go through the Meta of servers and make a choice

When you’ve gained entry into our list of Minecraft Skyblock servers, go through the list to find the server just right for you. The meta-info of the server will give you quick stats and rules you need to know. When you get across your choice server, the next step is to copy the IP address of the server and proceed to the next steps.

Start Minecraft

You have to gain entry to the Minecraft software installed on your mobile/PC/tablet to join a server. When a server is selected, and you’ve copied its IP, log in to your Minecraft account.

After you’re logged in, select add server on the main tab provided. When you’ve selected this, space, where you can input the name and address of the server you intend to join, will be provided.

You can ignore filling in the name of the server if you like, but you must enter the server’s IP and click done.

Complete Your Addition to the Server

As a sign that you’ve been added to the server, you’ll be directed to the page where you selected the server. When you’re on this page, you’ll notice a change. The server you chose will now appear in green at the corner of your screen.

After you’ve noted your selected server displayed in green, click on the server, and you’ll be shown a “Join Server” button. After this, the next step is to continue enjoying your games without any drawbacks.

After you’ve followed these steps, you now have unlimited access to the Minecraft Skyblock server of your choice.

How We Rank the Best Skyblock Servers

Ranking servers are critical when compiling lists of Minecraft Skyblock servers. When records are ranked, players have the opportunity to gain access to the best servers before any other.

This ensures that our players have the best possible experience on the servers we list. There are specific guidelines we follow when ranking servers, and we’ll be taking a look at some of them shortly.

We do this to make sure we remain the top destination for Minecraft servers:


One thing that could be disappointing to gamers is unreliable servers. Some players need to get on Minecraft for several hours on end, and a server that isn’t online 24/7 is a turn-off. This is why we make regular availability one criteria we use in making selections available on our list.

With our listings, all you’ll get are servers that are online all the time. We know how you love getting on Minecraft, and go the extra mile to keep you satisfied.

Server stability

To play Minecraft and get the most off it, the constancy of the server is paramount. That’s why it’s one of the measures we use in picking servers that appear on our lists. The servers we list on our site have stable connections, so there’s no need to worry about switching servers.

Slot Space

Space for players to join is one of the most important measures we use in picking servers for our lists. The build of Minecraft encourages gamers playing on one server concurrently. A server qualifies to be on our list when there’s ample space for players.

The odds of a server being listed on our site are higher when the server can allow an infinite number of players as opposed to a few hundred players. This guarantees that our visitors don’t get let down when they hope to gain access through a server on our list. We rank our servers in order of the space they have available.

No whitelisting

Whitelisting is enabled on some Minecraft servers. Whitelisting members of a server limit the number of players that can join the server. This is why we make sure the servers listed on our site allow all players to join in and enjoy the game.

These are some of the things we consider when selecting the Minecraft servers listed on our site. Minecraft Skyblock has a lot of exciting plots waiting for you to explore.

When you’ve followed the guide provided in this reading, you’ll have access to become intuitive and live how you want on the Minecraft server. There are lots of servers on our list apart from the Skyblock. You can choose from our top selection of faction/prison/hardcore, amongst others.

Make use of our jam-packed selection today, and select an ideal server to enjoy the best of Minecraft. We’ve provided you all the info you need to know in detail, make your time in the Minecraft world exciting. Enjoy all the best of Minecraft Skyblock servers today through our lists, and, inevitably, you’ll be back for more.