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Minecraft Roleplay servers to join

It is possible you have heard about the Minecraft server, and know what it means. Also, if you have been around the Minecraft server, you will discover that each of them offers its brand of fun.

The servers are designed to offer unique minigames that let players compete or collaborate with other players and friends with massive lobbies. The servers offer an opportunity for gamers to hand out with other players and provide them with a massive custom-crafted world for exploration.

With the availability of several Minecraft roleplay servers with unique minigames and other features, gamers can select the one appealing to their heart. To help players get the game at any given time, the Minecraft server list sites are provided.

These server list sites are created to help gamers get a handful of Minecraft servers in one place without having to search from one corner to another. So, in your bid to enjoy Minecraft Roleplay games, you should search for the listing sites online.

Thankfully, we are here to provide you with the Best Minecraft Roleplay Servers being tested and trusted server listing sites on the internet. So, you will always find out the best way to enjoy variety in your gaming on the internet as you take little of your time to explore our list.

Your desire to experience Minecraft gaming online in a different way will be met when you follow up with the server list provided on our platform. These servers are compiled to allow every gamer to enjoy fun gambling experience at any given time.

There are many factors to consider when you want to find the best Roleplay Minecraft server on the internet. The first thing is to confirm the minigames included in the server and make sure the games comes with custom-crafted features that will make your gamine entertaining and satisfying.

Minecraft roleplay servers come in different forms, offering gamers an opportunity to take different roles in the game. You will find the faction roleplay server where your role will be to join the already created faction or create yours for other players to join.

It is all about creating a team (clans) that will be ready to defend your territory from the enemies. Roleplay server is interesting and offers a lot of fun features that will make you live your real life in the gaming world.

There is also Skyblock, prison, and many other roleplay Minecraft servers that will meet the needs of every game at any given time.

What’s A Minecraft Roleplay Server?

Variety they say is the spice of life. It is not only life that offers varieties; even an opportunity to play online games affords the player varieties.

Playing games with the ability to switch from one character to another makes a player understand how it feels to enjoy playing at times as an aggressor and as a character that is running for safety.

Just like a prisoner and warder experience in which a player can initially play as Prisoner character and later switch to enjoying what it feels to playing the character of a warder. Players get to understand the inbuilt program capabilities of each character and get to choose their favorite character to use at different moments. Minecraft Roleplay series make all of these possible for online game players.

Minecraft Roleplay servers are servers which are designed to enable players enjoy the fun of playing online games with the ability to switch from one character to another.

It takes helps quench the thirst of gamers on what it feels like if they take on a particular character; how will they perform if the where taking on a particular character. Minecraft roleplaying servers help make an online game player compete in a variety of ways while having fun.

Heavily Modified with Custom Plugins

Usually, these servers are heavily modified giving specific theme using custom plugins such as McMMO, Factions, Cities and pre-built maps. Minecraft roleplay servers have been set up to include various roles which are usually appealing to different sets of players.

Some of the Roleplays include High School RolePlay, yandere roleplay serious roleplay, college roleplay and others. For instance, a typical High School Server will enable a player take-on the role of a Principal, teacher, Janitor or student.

Taking on those roles helps the player to improve on their abilities to act those roles and also have a better understanding those characters are expected to act in real life thereby providing some form of education for the players while they get entertained.

You can also bypass all the hassle of installing plugins by renting a Minecraft server with mods.

Difference Between Roleplaying & Vanilla Servers

You might have gotten used to Minecraft servers and enjoyed the benefit it affords gamers play interesting online games with different people; interacting with others you know and have never seen while having fun.

But another server that complements Minecraft servers is the Minecraft roleplay servers because it allows the players to switch their characters while playing thereby enabling them to test their capability to use different characters to their advantage while having fun and improving their mental capabilities by playing online games.

Roleplay requires more from the players and offers more than traditional servers without role play.

Play Like It’s Real Life

In other words, while minecraft servers are applications which enable the existence of multiple players allowing for the existence of a gaming network, minecraft roleplaying servers are servers or applications which enable a player or players to switch characters.

You are sure to find the top Minecraft Servers that will capture your attention to engage your time in more gaming online. As you search through the server list, you will find the Best Minecraft Roleplay Servers that will meet your gaming needs on the internet.

Explore the list of Minecraft Roleplay server list provided to find the one that will make your gaming online more entertaining than you have ever experienced. Discover the incredible server selections to find the one appears to your senses in the Minecraft world.

How Does Roleplaying Servers Work?

Minecraft Roleplay server works in a way that allows players switch characters while playing games online. To do this, players will need to download the appropriate server file or connect to another person’s server. When you intend playing online you need to locate and connect to the IP address of the server.

Understanding how Minecraft Server Works before getting started is necessary as it will save you from getting confused at the end of the day. The truth is that each of the Minecraft servers works differently.

They are designed to work in and offer custom-crafted features that will make players enjoy fun and entertainment while playing the game. Regarding the Minecraft roleplay servers the Skyblock is one of them, and it is created with a unique goal in mind.

Skyblock Roleplaying Servers

The Skyblock mode is a popular Roleplay Minecraft maps created in the industry. It is a server created with maps created with a simple concept. As a player, your role is to spawn on a floating island and to do everything to ensure survival. Your survival and completion of the challenges with available resources provided will make earn you some prize and accolade.

More so, the Skyblock Minecraft lets players enjoy SkyBlock maps in the multiplayer game mode for easy interaction. To survive on the challenging floating Island, you must be skillful and smart. The main objective of the game is that you must survive without any iota of cheating as you expand your island as well as grow your food and thrive.

Faction Roleplaying Servers

One other interesting Minecraft roleplay servers you can find on the internet is faction servers. The Faction servers are created with similar features as the clan servers. Here players are expected to create his factions or join an already existing one.

The essence of the faction is to form alliances with clans that will fight against other clans to retain authority and power in the world. Your clans must be equipped with everything needed to fight or raid the other factions to collect gather spoils without looking back.

Grieving is allowed on some servers after a player suffers a loss, but some servers do not give room for that. Faction Minecraft remains one of the popular Roleplay Minecraft servers that attract the attention of people from different corners of the world due to its interesting features and more.

Go ahead and experience satisfying gaming on the internet by taking the role of a character you cherish most, and you will be glad that you did.

You can join any of the Minecraft roleplay servers with the help of the IP address of the server. Copy the server IP and paste into your Minecraft client to learn everything you need to know about the server yourself.

What Makes A Good Minecraft Roleplay Server?

Standing our from the rest

Creatively different roleplaying will usually attract any player any time especially one that allows such a person to adjust the characters to his or her own taste or standard.

Flexibility in allowing the server to meet the need of the player is not negotiable; it is a must for a Minecraft roleplay server to be considered good. Also the characters should be designed uniquely such that they offer a good story line while they are also sociable.

Regular Updates

Regular updates are important so as not to keep the players bored. A good Minecraft server roleplayer server would always give beneficial information as well as provide hype for players to keep going or re-energized to continue to play more. In fact it is expected that the server should be advertised.


A good Minecraft roleplayer must be easy to use for the players. They must find it easy to switch their characters and should offer various game modes and should not be full of lags and the games should be easy to play. If games are not easy to play the players may easily get bored or prefer to go for easy ones.


A good Minecraft roleplayer server should offer different exploits for the players to explore. It is this different exploits which they may not be able to get from another type of roleplayer server that would continue to make the players become ‘addicted’ to the server.

How Do I Join A Roleplaying Server?

When it comes to joining another Minecraft server, there are many factors to be considered. There are tens and thousands of Minecraft servers on the internet today, and you can find them on the Minecraft server list available on the internet.

You can also create your own Minecraft server and allow other people to join at their own time and pace. Joining a MinecraftRoleplay server is like joining other servers. There are no many processes involved in getting this done.

Anyone who wants to join a MinecraftRoleplay server would have to:

Find A Server

Find a Minecraft Roleplay server you like the look of above where the servers are listed. Look at the different options available and select the one of your choice. Find and copy its IP address Copy which is usually a number displayed next to the server name or domain.

Join A Server

  • Start Minecraft and click ‘Add server’
  • You will be taken back to the server listing and the selected server appearing with green bars on the right
  • Click the server, click ‘Join Server’. Most times you will be brought directly into the server.

The challenges usually encountered when joining a server may also be experienced by anyone trying to join a Minecraft roleplayer server. For instance such a person may encounter situations like ‘Disconnected by server’ or ‘outdated server’, ‘cannot connect to server’, ‘cannot resolve host name’ ‘you are not white listed on this server’; ‘you are banned from this server’.

To be ‘Disconnected by server’ means your protocol version is different from that of the client’s server which may also be because the server is outdated. The person who intends to join will need to ensure that his server is updated.

In the case whereby one is not white listed on a server, such a person needs to ask on some external website. In the case where a person is banned from a server, such a person needs to contact an administrator of the server and request to be unbanned.

To resolve ‘cannot connect to server’ the user will need to check to ascertain whether or not there is still internet connection on the Personal Computer. It may also be that the server was down at the time the command was issued.

Apart from this issue, joining a Minecraft server is generally as easy as ABC. That is why you have to go on and browse through our list of servers to join the one your heart desires at any given time.

How We Rank The Top Roleplay Servers

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To confirm these things, you should go on and check through our incredible list of Minecraft servers to pick the one that will make your experience unforgettable and amazing.

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