Minecraft is a game with many varieties, which makes this sandbox adventure timeless. With so many choices, users can’t stop playing.
Minecraft remains the largest gaming franchise in the world, which means there’s bound to be a huge crowd on the gaming platform. If you need a closed server for your gaming, then a realm server should be what you need. This also means you must have access to the best Minecraft realms server list for top gaming.

Minecraft continues expanding its services to meet the ever-changing need of its customers. This is why you need the best Minecraft realms server list that makes your gaming exclusive. When you need the best list, IntoMinecraft.com is what you need. We have put together exclusive realms servers that give players access to all game modes. If you need access to skywars or hardcore mode in a limited-space server, the realm server is a good choice. If you’d need access to many game modes with limited access to other gamers, then you need a realm server.

Our lists give users many choices, and your access to these servers is seamless. We help gamers with valid IP addresses to give them quick access. Our service is quick, and our comprehensive server list is 100% functional.

What is A Realm Server?

A Minecraft realm server requires users to have a premium subscription. With this server hosting, users get to form their own servers. With realm server hosting, there’s no need for any first-hand know-how of web hosting. You can manage the server in-game and have access to all Minecraft mini-games. Mini-games are temporary, and there are many options to choose from. So when you need access to hardcore, pirate and skywars adventures, our best Minecraft realms server list at IntoMinecraft is for you.

Also, the realm server makes it possible for premium members to restrict access to non-premium gamers. This means any server you create can be for you and a few friends/relatives. There are 11 slots on a normal realm server. You also get to play in competitions and access different maps. The developers add maps with new features every fortnight. If it happens a map becomes out-dated, then the map addition may be the cause. The map adventures are long-term, and overwriting issues are rare.

How to Join A Realm Server

You can get on a realm server through the following process:

  • Access the server list on our website.
  • Select the IP address of the realm with available space
  • After selecting the ideal realm for you, the premium member of the server has to grant you access to the server.
  • When you get access, the premium member issues you with the IP with which you can get in the realm.
  • Servers in the realm are different. On these servers, you can play with other gamers depending on their version.

There are two types of Minecraft realms subscriptions. There is a standard version for mobile, Windows and consoles. There’s another version that supports various operating systems. You must know this as it determines the interaction among gamers. The two versions do not support inter-gaming.

With the information we’ve provided, it’s easier for you to get access to a Minecraft realm server. We’ve gone the extra mile to compile this list, making it easier for you to have access to minigames such as hardcore, pirate or skywars, and the best Minecraft realms server list will help you get playing much faster. Get on our site today, and let the games begin!