Minecraft servers are computers designed to make users get access to each other to play Minecraft. These raiding servers can be hosted by any gamer who desires to, and other players have the opportunity to get linked to the server.

There are tens of thousands of Minecraft raiding servers currently on the Web, and making a selection may be very hard without organization. This is where a Minecraft server list comes in. A Minecraft server list makes it easy for users to have access to specific servers, as there are a lot of varieties offering different features.

The best Minecraft raiding servers list ensures you have the best gaming experience. With a large list at your disposal, it becomes easier to select the best server among the lists where you have a higher chance of survival.

IntoMinecraft.com has the best interest of Minecraft players in mind, and we’ve been able to compile the best Minecraft raiding server list for you. We gathered this list through sourcing the best and most stable IP addresses linked to these servers, ensuring users have unlimited access to their favorite game.

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What Is a Minecraft Raiding Server?

The ideal way to play Minecraft is through servers. One of such servers where gamers have access to their sandbox adventures is through a Raiding server. With a raiding server, players can team up. It is a PvP server that supports an “us against the world” system. This team, called clans, make it easier for players to survive.

When players are in a clan, they can pool assets and increase the defense of their territory. Building fortifications and bases along with getting new members in the clan help in increasing the chances of survival from an enemy raid.

The players on raiding servers employ constant attack-defense tactics. When a base is fortified and has enough members, the next action is to search for enemy bases to attack. If your conquest is successful, you get spoils to add to your base and increase your status. If you lose against an enemy camp, then your valuables and your camp becomes theirs.

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How to Join a Raiding Server

To join a raiding MC server is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Log into Minecraft through their website
  2. Click “Add Server” on the main menu tab
  3. Enter the IP of your selected raiding server

For these steps to work, the server you intend to join must support your game version. If you need the game version changed, you can access this information from the developer’s website.

After all the steps are followed, the best Minecraft raiding servers from our selection will ensure you get the best gaming experience. For all the best pirate/skywars/hardcore and other mini-games and adventures, access the ideal Minecraft server for you. The server also needs to have space for you. There are infinite/finite Minecraft servers, so make sure there is room for you in a server.