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Minecraft PvP Arena servers list

The Minecraft PVP server is a host community for players versus players in a game. It is mainly a multiplayer interface that mostly focus on more players and make gaming experience better than before.

This server is fraught with unseen danger and offers an organic wildness to else vanilla experiences. It is not for everyone, though. People with a low threshold for violence might find it distasteful and/or disturbing.

To the gamers who would rather play against other players, they find the experience more immersive than playing against a computer. Knowing that another human is somewhere behind a console, trying to envisage their next move gives a certain kind of high that is only best experienced.

A reviewer compared the PvE realm to the Cold War, where you cannot actively engage the enemy. This analogy puts the appeal of the PvP realm in context.

There is a sense of community that PvP gives, and for faction games, a sense of factional pride which enhances the experience. Most PvP games in Minecraft end up with the death of one or more players.

When the player dies, the contents of their inventory and accessories are available for pickup by the other living players. Below is a list of some servers with fantastic PvP orientation.

Top Minecraft PvP Servers

Grand Theft Minecart

IP Address:

There are signs that tell you what to do around the spawn, and a block of different ranks where you can donate and rank up. If you get killed, you lose one fourth of your cash, so I strongly advise you not to get killed.

But if you kill a player, you get one fourth of their cash, and if you kill mobs get you cash to spend at stores. These rules make it a breath taking experience and a great platform for player versus player games.

You can also vote for the server to get money. There are the pawn store, the bank and the gun store on the spawn, as well as a prison and tons of worlds. Are you excited about this server yet?

One of the worlds seem to have zombies in the night time too. There are so many features in this server that encourages PvP games, so if you are a fan of speed, cars and some beautifully orchestrated chaos, this is the server to be.

But don’t just take my word for it, you log in and discover so much more.


IP Address:

The Kit PvP 9.0 is an intense and fast-paced battle oriented spawn with a lot of vegetation and well constructed buildings that enhance the PvP experience. The God Set is a spawn that is set in a sky-like landscape. It is great for teamwork, where you can receive a boost from team mates.

Other sets have their own peculiarities that make the server a unique experience. Overall, the ManaCube spawns are aesthetically oriented, and hardly any lag is noticeable during the game.


IP Address:

This server is another great platform for PvP because of it has faction and prison servers. It has so many people playing concurrently, so what’s better for a PvP? It has a sneak feature that makes it extra fun.

You get to mine precious stones like gold, diamonds and emeralds, which is cool. Here’s a random clue: the PvP mine is the only mine on the prison realm with lucky blocks. It’s more of a ‘work-together’ world, although violence can and does break out every once in a while.

But if you have a taste for fast paced, break-neck violence that PvP players seem to crave, then this server may feel a little tame for you. Again, wouldn’t you rather find out yourself?


IP Address:

One of the older version (2015) has a spawn that accommodates PvP is a large open space that allows room for swordfight, in fact, you get a feel of the roman gladiator fighting pits with a background music that suits the game.

It is fast paced enough to justify playing PvP, and the raiding of other factions can up the ante for gamers. Its KitPvP can work in collaboration with or fight against other players, depending on your choice.

And in some worlds, raiding and grieving are permitted. Please read the instructions of each world to discover what is permissible in each world. Overall, LemonCloud is a good PvP platform to explore, so hop on!

How does Minecraft PvP Servers work?

Minecraft PvP servers work just like any other servers. They are a program that has all of the information about the game and controls every aspect of it. The hardware compatibility for a Minecraft Player vs Player servers are executed from dedicated machines but due to an advancement in the tech world, everyone with a pretty compatible model can now access a server.

The speed and size of your hard drive is also very important as it determines which games and servers you can access without lag to enjoy the real time experience that is the niche of online games.

The Minecraft software file needed to run the server is a Minecraft_Server.jar or .exe, with an operating system with either a GUI or a command line. Linux, CentOS, Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Puppy. DSL and Zorin are examples of the operating system that are very easy to navigate.

Remember, whatever server you decide to join, be sure your compatibility version is in sync to avoid a gruesome experience of incompatibility. Also, PvP modes usually possess a huge number of players per time, and this requires a 3GB or 4GB server to the performance to be top rate.

Hubs & Realms

Because each game has layers and layers of hubs and realms which cannot all be reviewed (it would come out looking like a textbook), and because of the constant updates and improvements the servers have to go through to reduce hacks, cheats and redundancy.

It is advised that you go through the tutorial of each realm to see what the KitPvP entails, and if you find it suitable, go ahead and enjoy the game.

One interesting thing you should know about Minecraft servers is that it is an open-source kind of gaming world where everyone has an opportunity to create or modify a server.

Creating a server is simple and does not take much time to be completed. Also, you can join another server to enjoy gaming experience differently. These things are what made it necessary that you go on and take advantage of the opportunity created for you here without the needs to waste another minute.

To join another server, you need the IP address of the server.

What makes a good PvP server?

The PvP servers quality should be a key consideration, as the quality of the graphics would be the first thing noticed on any server. Even in anarchy, there can be elements of beauty that increases the passive build-up of excitement.

Investing in a beautiful spawn is basically being considerate and giving value for money. User friendly interfaces also increases the chances of getting donations and ease of access make servers a favourite in the gaming community.

Well Planned & Detailed

A good Minecraft PvP server is a well-planned, detailed and well-executed community; well-planned in the sense that the particular products on offer are defined.

Faction, prison, Skyblock or creative, each product is well orchestrated to provide a seamless play arena. Graphics, speed, spawn dimensions, plug-ins and builds all require meticulous attention.

Proper Plugins

Also, the plug-in list is very important to the success of your server. Initial planning should involve server plug in, content plug in, graphics plug in and every type of plug in needed to run an engaging server. This reduces the incidences of changing your design to fit available plug-in, and protects the originality of your ideas.

A good Minecraft PvP server must be interactive, involving the players in minor and sole decision making that makes them feel like a stakeholder.

It also serves to hold onto their attention and prevent them from easily getting bored, so apart from the gameplay, the content should be engaging.

How we rank the Top PvP Minecraft servers

We rank Best Minecraft PvP (Player vs Player) Servers on the internet and what has been surprising to many people. Most new members on our Minecraft PvP server list wonders about our high ranking.

Ranking servers is not rocket science; it requires some processes and attention to the needs of Minecraft players. We are aware of the gamer’s need and ready to give it to them without delay.

That is why most gamers prefer to use our platform when they want to enjoy fun gaming with the best Minecraft PvP servers on the internet.

Minecraft PvP servers are exciting and fun. Instead of playing against a computer, you are allowed to play with real human sitting behind another console. The joy of playing with real human has made the PvP Minecraft server an exciting one to gamers across the globe.

With that, you must showcase your creativity, tactics, and skills to outsmart your opponent playing from the other end. One more thing you should understand is that the Minecraft player Vs player is that it provides an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the excitement of winning another human player. With that, you will be able to test your capability and ability in the game confidently.

When you want to play Minecraft game, there are things to consider before selecting a server. More so, you should go for the server that will allow you to live your real life in the gaming world.

Also, go for the Minecraft PvP server that will give you the feel and excitement you desire without boredom. If you are going for the PvP server, go for the one that will allow you enhance your gambling skill and tactics.

Playing against the computer can be boring and uninteresting as you may not be able to win the computer when at a certain level.

The Best Minecraft PvP (Player vs Player) Servers are provided putting the needs of people in considerations.


We research the internet for the best PvP Minecraft servers before compiling our list for gamers to enjoy. That is the reason for our high rank on the server list above other Minecraft server list on the web.

More so, our rigorous compilation process has set our list apart among others on the internet. So, you are sure to enjoy the Minecraft Player vs Player server of your choice as you browse through the awesome selection provided here.

Browsing through the Minecraft PvP servers provided is not difficult, and you can learn about each of the servers with a click of a mouse on the server.

Showcase of the Best Player vs Player Servers

We showcase some of the best Minecraft servers in the world. So, you will always find the best to play at any given time. Scroll up and down the list to find some good Minecraft servers that may seem appealing to you. Click on the server to learn about it before downloading or joining. There is also an option to copy the server IP address and mast into the Minecraft client to learn about it you at the Multiplayer option. Checking through the top Minecraft servers provided will give you an idea of the one that will meet your needs. They are all exquisitely created to meet the needs of every member. That is why you have to go on and take the advantage without wasting another minute.

Discover more ways to make your Minecraft gaming entertaining by browsing through the list of servers provided on our platform. The PvP servers on the top list include Skyblocks, faction, prison, hardcore, and more. Each of the servers comes with a unique feature that made it the best for gamers across the world. So, go on and explore the server list provided to pick the one that will meet your needs, and you will be glad that you did.

How do I join a Player vs Player server?

Joining a Minecraft PvP server is pretty simple. You’ll start by finding a server you like, copy the IP address, start the game and click multiplayer and click on the add server column.

After this, paste the IP address and the name of the target server. Ensure that you click on ‘’done’’ before heading back to your server list and finding your deserved server. Click the join server button and let the fun begin!