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Minecraft Server Jail prison mod

The best prison Minecraft servers are listed on our site for players to enjoy maximum fun. There are so many Prison Minecraft servers available online. These Minecraft servers are designed so that game players are to earn some money in order for them to move higher or advance in the prison.

Money is usually earned from the use of tools for mining resources at a specially predesignated mine. In a similar way, new mines with special and more valuable resources will become available as the players move higher in the rank and file of the prison. It is exciting and fun to note that players often can buy a plot of land in the prison for the purpose of building a base.

It is also necessary to note that some prison Minecraft servers are created such that the players are permitted to earn or gain their freedom as the players move higher in the ranks and files of the prison.

Meanwhile, some creators have so created and developed some Minecraft prison servers for players to escape instead of earning freedom (as the practice of some are) just as the players advance also in the ranks and files of the prison.

Since there are several prison Minecraft servers, they come with varieties of design. Apart from the different game modes whereby the players earn their freedom or escape as the case may be, as the players advance in the ranks of the prison, they also have packages as per the price. There is the low budget package for people whose budget is in that category.

This low budget package has different features yet exciting to play with. On the other hand, there is the premium package which is more costly or let us say fairly expensive than the low budget package. The premium package comes with special or unique features with an excellent support system.

PvP Mode in Prison Servers

In addition to the above, Minecraft prison servers generally allow player versus player mode. This means that a player is allowed to play against another player. In the same vein, there is also player versus the environment. In some servers, the introduction of prison guard is noted.

The prison guard is saddled with the responsibility of guarding or watching the inmates. If the prison guard detects any inmate with illegitimate or illegal items on found on him or her, the prison guard is armed to terminate such inmate with immediate effect.

Top Prison Server List

You are, however enjoined to go through the list of the best Minecraft prison servers that have been listed for you. It is also important for you to know that you will definitely see the servers that are within your budget while you will still have the fun you desire for.

We want to tell you that there is value for your money in this place. You will find Minecraft prison servers that are ideal for you. We welcome you to the world of fun!

What’s a Prison Server?

This type of server is actually for players that love adventures, ranks, and also goal getters. Examples of servers include database servers, file servers, mail servers, print servers, application servers, web servers and of course game servers.

A client’s process can be connected to a server to a different device or that it can run on the same device. The prison servers are Minecraft servers where players are limited into a prison map or world.

Advancing in Prison Rank

The players in this world are expected to advance in the ranks of the prison while at the same time earning money or earn a freedom as the case may be (according to the design of the server by its creator).

Prison servers are just part of the game modes that are very popular in Minecraft: tens of thousands of people every day wade through murder, anarchy and a lot of grinding. It is an experience of its own kind. You can visit the list of the best Minecraft prison servers that exciting and amazing with a load of fun.

Unlike most of the Minecraft servers that we are used to, where you can jump into combat actions the moment the game begins; prison servers commences with the player starting out with the lowest rank with nothing but a tool to work it out.

As you work it out, the rank is there for you as encouragement coupled with another level of responsibility. There is surely one way of turning the drudgery associated with the ranking into a very pleasurable experience. And that is by donation.

Using Money to Advance in Rank

The Minecraft prison servers give some advantages to players who give out real world money for them to advance in rank. Some of the advantages that will be received are better tools or items with unfettered access to exclusive mines.

Howbeit, a more substantial donation will open access to more advantages such as flight, tools that can mine a whole section of blocks at a given duration and a lot more as may be uniquely specified.

Starting out is relatively inexpensive. As low as about five dollars may give you access to special privileges such as storage, picks, and renewable kits. So, buying your way to the top is fairly costly.

The moment you log into the server, every action or input you make in the game will direct your attention to the fact that you need to donate. There are also messages flashing across the screen reminding you of upcoming sales, donor perks, giveaways, sweepstakes or auctions that are already going on at the moment. At times these messages can be very intense.

Generally, prison servers are sure do not give a kind of prison experience per say. It can be said that it is a world where the wealthy possess enormous power to and everyone else strives to join the leagues.

This idea is further reinforced by the donor structure which makes it almost impossible to advance and compete without dipping hands into your wallet.

What makes a good prison Minecraft server?

A good prison Minecraft servers are created with special features which will be discussed under this headline. Although it may not be in order of importance, firstly an excellent chat control is relevant.

Chat control comes in, where occasionally in a prison server, where chat gets a little bit toxic. The chat control system is characterized with AntiBot, AntiSpam, and AntiAd.

These features allow you gain absolute control over what people say in chats and make sure that there are no rude comments in the chats or rather any unwanted content in the chats. The little that you have to do is to do some formatting in the configuration file via the control panel and also blacklisting any word you consider insulting.

Proper Prison Plugins

Secondly, prison is very germane. This is a plugin that is very essential for Minecraft prison servers. This permits you to create prison mines and teleport players to a safe haven which is considered a big issue as far as prison servers are concerned.

This plugin also creates a ranking system where ranking is made possible. You may configure the plugin by disabling some features in the modules file. Creating mines and adding blocks have been made very simple and easy via the use of commands.

PlotSquared Plugin

Thirdly, the installation of PlotSquared plugin. This allows players to purchase different plots of land, especially when you are trying to create a centralized shop area within the prison. For example, a plot area may be set up close to the main prison near all the tents.

Players may buy any of these tents and set up their own shop which will eventually reset if they decided to rent a different shop or even abandon the shop. The plots of land can be used to build personal housing areas for the inmates the moment they obtain their freedom. There are various possibilities with this plugin.


In addition to all these, TokenManager allows you to create an alternative economy on your server which you can use to reward players with items which are not money dependent.

For instance, you can give a player a token for every say 40 minutes spent on your server. The player can use this token to purchase a plot of land, items and much more as may be indicated.

Generally, your server’s base economy should be based around the actual money. However, if you decide to have an alternative economy, that will only be used for unique rewards or items.

Holographic Display

The Holographic Displays plugin enables the server creator or members of staff to see and read messages that are displayed across the screen. The messages are useful information relayed to all the players in a timely manner.

The members of staff are given the absolute permission or power to edit the messages that will be sent to the players. These messages may carry information concerning but not limited to upcoming events including information about donating.

Our list of what makes a good Minecraft prison server is actually endless, but the above will do for now. If you want to start your own server, check out the hosting page.

How do I join a prison server?

This write up will resolve all issues revolving around how to join a Minecraft prison server. So many people or players just want to play Minecraft games at all cost. This is not the way to go about it.

Some players have come into the Minecraft community with all eagerness and great energy. It is good to learn to know how to join a Minecraft prison server and this will be outlined in the next paragraphs. It is good to note that first set of points may not follow in that very order.

Money in your wallet

The very first thing to consider is the money in your wallet. By this, I mean your budget. Your budget will determine which Minecraft prison server you can go for. Some prison servers are of low cost budget, some are of average or fairly cost while some may be regarded as pretty expensive.

For each category of the budget, there are still packages for different prices as well. But, most importantly, consider what your wallet can purchase.

Choose the right server

Having considered what is in your wallet, it is also very valuable to note your ideal Minecraft prison game. Make sure that the prison server has games that interest you. This will ensure that you have value for your money and that your money is not thrown away.

While some players major in about 5 prison games, some have put all their efforts only in one or two prison games at the maximum. After all, make sure that you know what you want.

The next in line is to look out for a Minecraft listing website which will list the best Minecraft prison servers for you. Go through the prison servers listed above and consider your budget, including your ideal prison game(s).

It is also important that as you go through the listed prison servers, read the descriptions which contain features and the customer support associated with the prison server. Make sure that you are okay with the descriptions before you go ahead with the next step.

Joining the server of your choice

After, picking one of the Minecraft prison servers, then copy the Internet Protocol (IP) address which is also displayed alongside other information. Use the shortcut key command “Ctrl + C” for Windows/Linux Operating System while you use the keyboard shortcut command “Cmd + V” for Macintosh Operating System respectively.

Next in line is to start “Minecraft”, then click “Multiplayer” and further click “Add Server.” Two boxes will be provided where the “Server Name” and the “IP (Internet Protocol) Address” will be inputted. The input into the field of the server name does not actually matter.

This means that you can input any name of your choice into that field. Then, you input by either typing the Internet Protocol address or you use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + V” to paste the information that you initially copied into the clipboard. After doing all these things, then you confirm all your entries that you have inputted by clicking done.

After completing the step above, you will be taken back to the Minecraft prison servers list. Here, the changes will be that there will be green bars at the right hand side of the selected Minecraft prison server.

The green bars indicate that the server is ready. After seeing the green bars, click the selected server and further click “Join Server.” After clicking that, what should happen is that you should be brought directly into the server. If that did not happen, it means that there is a problem somewhere.

You may have to deal with some errors. There are a lot of possible errors and solutions out there on the internet to assist you in this regard. Once the errors are cleared, you will find yourself directly in the server.

How we rank the best prison servers

Ranking up in the building up of a Minecraft prison server often times has proven to be a huge issue. The case is similar to have a beautiful car that cannot move. So, there are 12 different ranks set up on the best prison servers. The Staff ranks the Admin. And Mod ranks 1 to 9 only for the miners. And then a free rank for you when you are done.

Now, looking at the ranks 1 to 9, everybody will join or start from the first rank which is ranked 1 by default. This will allow players starting out from this rank 1 to play the games the way it should be. Remember that there will be no permissions for the players on this ranking status. They (the players) will not equally be able to edit on this ranking status.

The Admin has absolute power. This means the Admin has every permission which is not given to the players otherwise the players will tamper with the server in a despicable manner. The Mod is given the ability to kick, ban and even mute the players. When the players go haywire or crossing the red line, this action by the Mod is activated depending on the gravity of the players’ offense, such players will receive a ban, kick or mute.

The free rank is given the moment the player in question completes the prison. Then the player becomes a free person. The amazing thing is that even the ranking system can still be edited with the use of PEX.

The PEX is a plugin that is rich in the command system. This plugin gives you the ability to almost every aspect of the plugin which can be done either from the console on the server or even from in-game. This sounds very incredible!

This type of plugin is rarely in existence. It is an amazing tool. This plugin is commonly used and supports many traditional and modern plugins as it perfects all ranking conditions. So many commands with regards to this plugin and the ones relating to the ranking can be seen in the knowledge base.