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What is Minecraft Pirate Server?

The Pirate server is a PvP Minecraft server created to let players live their real life in the gaming world. PicraftCraft is a unique Pirate theme in the Minecraft survival server. Your goal in this pirate them Minecraft survival server is to build and also sail your ships while you continue to blow up other cannons around. You must plan your conquest properly to avoid missing your target.

Factions are needed in the Pirate to fortify your base and get ready to fight against the enemy. They are prepared to launch an attack on your cannon and ship. So, you need the best fighting tactics to earn points and enjoy the game more. The information pages hint players on the best way to fight against their enemies.

Build your ship and equip it with the features that will sink the cannons of your rivals. Spawn by building a large ship to dominate the entire area with your team. Become a part of the pirate Empire, or join another crew of pirates to enjoy the game together. The benefits of joining a crew include chat, crew home, alliances, kills, stats tracking, and rivals against crew members. All the things you need are made available in the crew or Empire.

How to join A Pirate Server

Join any of our Best Minecraft Pirate Servers to experience gaming differently. Our server list site is ranked high on the internet due to the efficiency of our servers. To join the Minecraft pirates server on our site, you are to follow the steps below:

  • Open Minecraft
  • Choose Multiplayer
  • Click the Add Server button
  • Put the IP address of Minecraft in the server address
  • Select join server
  • Leave the spawn shipwreck and start to build your ship.

By following the above steps, you will join the server of your choice and enjoy pirate Minecraft with assured fun.