Do you desire to explore the world of Minecraft to find the best games for your leisure? Here come the best Minecraft Hardcore servers provided to meet your needs. We know the difficulties people face when it comes to selecting Minecraft servers, and have decided to alleviate the difficulties through our handpicked Minecraft server list. So, you can go through our list to learn more about the things to expect as you join any of the servers provided here.

Our selection of Minecraft hardcore servers is incredibly amazing. So, you will not run short of options to select as you go through our list of servers. The servers provided here are all the best, and you can learn about them with a simple mouse click. Also, you can read the description by copying the IP address o the server and pasting the same in Minecraft client.

From Faction to PvP, there is something for every gamer on our Best Minecraft Hardcore Servers list. Our list allows every visitor to choose the preferred Minecraft server at all times. You can also experience the excitement loaded in adventures as you go for the servers offered in our list.

What is Minecraft Hardcore Server?

If you have imagined what it will be like to live in arctic conditions, you should consider going for the Minecraft Hardcore server. The Best Minecraft Hardcore Servers list provided on our platform is the best you can find on the web. The Minecraft hardcore is a survival game mode designed specifically for Java Edition. Minecraft hardcore is a server designed to run on stringent difficulty.

As a gamer in the Minecraft hardcore, you have one life. If you die, you will not be able to respawn and proceed with the game. You will be banned from the game temporarily or permanently when as you waste the single life. That is why the game is known as the survival mode, and you have to employ every possible trick to protect your life while you continue to take others around.

Living in arctic situations with the changes of getting killed by the enemy is not easy. You must be conscious of your environment and be ready to face the enemy without fear. Although the Minecraft Hardcore game mode is challenging to play, it is interesting and fun. So, you can always live your real life in the gaming world as you go for the hardcore game mode.

How do I Join a Minecraft Hardcore Server?

Joining the Minecraft Hardcore Server is as simple as counting A, B, C, and D. To get this done, you should follow the steps below:

  • Open Minecraft Configuration Files Pages, and select the Server Settings
  • Find hardcore and modify the value to true in the text box located at the right corner
  • Save the settings at the bottom page and click with the blue save button
  • Restart the Minecraft server for effect the changes.

Enabling Minecraft hardcore is fast and simple. To make it simpler, we have provided the Best Minecraft Hardcore Servers for you to follow.