Online games can be played in different modes; either as a single player or multiplayer. Minecraft Server refers to the type of muiltiplayer mode that allows you play as you choose; either alone or with a group of friends. While playing these types of games, you can also make contact with other Minecraft players from a broad selection of online games.

To enable players make changes to different parts of a game, a file has to be included to the server. Minecraft plugins are files that are included in the multiplayer servers for this purpose. There are different types of Minecraft plugins that help players modify various aspects of any game. An example of Minecraft plugin that enables you make these changes is the Dynmap Plugin.

Dynmap Plugin:

This plugin serves the same purpose as Google Maps for your Minecraft server. It forms a very simplified overhead outlook of your world that any player can get from a web browser. It also makes updates with recent changes and you can locate where each player is in any part of the world. This is an excellent plugin for any server that intends engaging in large building projects or any server that just intends to be able to observe your Minecraft world without using the in-game maps.

Features of Dynmap Plugin:

  • Dynmap Plugin gives updates on a real-time basis so that maps are in line with changes in real-time.
  • It shows the faces of players on the map.
  • It enables chats to be seen on the map.
  • Dynmap Plugin allows those viewing the map to converse with players during the game.
  • It shows the current Minecraft time and weather.
  • It has configurable features that can easily be customized to suit preferences.
  • It allows you include or remove functions so the Plugin is structured to your taste.
  • It provides support for chat balloons.
  • Dynmap Plugin also enables lines, markers and areas to be configured.
  • This plugin enables you to render your worlds with the help of different renderers. Some of these renderers are built for details while others for maximum action.
  • It is very easy to set up.
  • It also allows integration with other sites.

Dynmap plugins also have other additional features included to further satisfy your need and meet your desires. These additional features include:

  • Dynmap-mobs
  • Dynmap-residence
  • Dynmap-Worldguard
  • Dynmap-Towny
  • Dynmap-Factions
  • Dynmap-Commandbook
  • Dynmap-Essentials
  • Dynmap-GriefPrevention
  • Dynmap2CraftIRC3
  • Dynmap-SimpleClans
  • Dynmap-HeroChat
  • Dynmap-Physicalshop
  • Dynmap-pyLandmarks
  • Dynmap-precious stones
  • Dynmap-AdminCmd
  • Dynmap-PlayerWarp
  • Dynmap-Citizens

These additional features enable marker layering for preferred mobs on maps, integration with other plugins such as Essentials, Towny, WorldGuard. It also allows integration with Precious Stones, Citizens, Admin Cmd, HeroChat, Simple Clans, Residence, and Factions. It also enables the successor to the regions to support Residence, WorldGuard, and Towny. With the use of Command Book, home and warp locations can also be shown. It also provides support for Grief protection claims.