Best Minecraft Capture the Flag Server List

Find and join the best Minecraft Capture the Flag servers from our top list.

Capture the Flag modded server

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What is Capture The Flag (CTF) Servers?

To play Minecraft, you need servers. Capture the flag server is among the numerous perfect servers for gamers on the web. There are two teams in Minecraft Capture the flag server, blue and red. You are to visit your enemy territory and capture the flag. As soon as you get the flag, you are to sneak back to your territory and keep the flag, which will earn you some point. Your team will win after reaching x points.

Team building skill is one of the things you need to become a winner in the game. To secure your flag and pull assets, you should recruit reliable team members. Building strong defense and adding good members to your team is among the tricks to coming up with a winner.

As a player on the capture the flag server, you need constant defense tactics against the raids of the enemy territory to capture the flag. To make sure you are not taken unaware in your territory, you should fortify your base.

You can find the Best Minecraft Capture The Flag Servers when you check through our list. The CTF Minecraft servers are designed for FPS games but also work well in Minecraft.

How to Join a Capture the Flag Server

Joining Minecraft Capture the Flag Server is not difficult. You can equally create your own Minecraft CTF to accommodate others for more fun gaming. To join a Minecraft CTF server, you should do the following:

  • Open Minecraft server and click on the Play button
  • Move to the server tab, and choose Lifeboat network
  • Choose Capture The Flag

You can also join a capture the flag server of other players by selecting the QUICKPLAY portal and navigate through the process. To win the game, you must make sure your flag remains in your base while you pick the one in your enemy’s base.