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Playing computer games is usually interesting particularly when the application offers fascinating experience. Being a single player brings some form of fun but playing computer games with others through a network creates a more fascinating experience. Minecraft servers make such experience possible.

Minecraft servers are applications which enable the existence of multiple players allowing for the existence of a gaming network. It is a server which enables more than one player to interact and compete for the fun of the game. Through the server, players from different geographic locations can test their ability, interact and also form a friendly community.

They allow interaction as well as competition among the game players through online or a local area network. The server helps gamers to transcend playing with just a computer device to playing with friends. It also provides the avenue to make friends or solidify a friendship between players thereby building a community.

Beyond that, Minecraft servers allow the players to go beyond having fun or getting entertained to develop their thinking capacity to anticipate, imagine and take profitable steps. This is why Minecraft, accessible through the Minecraft servers is now being used as a means of tutoring students on how to improve their cognitive ability. Different tasks that are available through different games available through Minecraft server is clearly showcasing it beyond the scope of entertainment, making it an educational tool due to some elements of intellectual rigor which may be required while playing a game using the server.

Faction, Prison and Skyblock are some of the notable Minecraft servers and plugins which enable players around the world to experience fun in a way that promotes social activity.

The TOP Rated Creative Servers in Minecraft

Different Minecraft servers are preferred for different reasons. World over, players have the different servers they prefer. Some of the Minecraft servers that are rated as the best by various online sources in no particular order include: Hypixel, Mineplex, mineheroes, extremecraft, Desteria, Minecraft central, PrimeMC Network , UberMC, Brawl, Mineage Factions, Zero.Minr, Ranch n Craft and The Mining Dead to mention a few.


Xenoblox is known as one of the longest running Minecraft factions networks with features such as custom classes, Auction house system, hourly boss fights, custom tokens system, capability of destroying obsidian with 5 TNT hits, king of the hill and 99.9% uptime lag-free experience with no expense.


Widely used across the world and the largest Minecraft server available. It offers users a wide- range of playing opportunity. Users can play Minekart and other games while experiencing fun as well as solving tasks.


Favourite server for some as it allows users have the experience of enjoying games such as a Murder Mystery as well as Cops and Crims. Hypixels has the capacity to have about 35,000 people online at a time meaning users can make a lot friends through the server.


A Minecraft server has the capacity to have 3,000 people online at a time allowing users to play games and interact with a wide-range of friends.


If it’s enjoying fast-paced mini games, gun combat and classic survival modes, Brawl is usually preferred by players. Raid, MC-War and MC-WarZ are some of the current games enjoyed by various online players.

How Does Creative Servers Work?

Minecraft servers can allow players participate in games online or via a local area network. Players may do this by downloading the appropriate server file or connect to another person’s server. When you intend playing online you need to locate and connect to the IP address of the server.

The IP address is in four sets of numbers separated by periods with each numbers different. For example the number may look like 71.435.213.68. In the case where there are players involved, a multi-player server is recommended. The multi-player server allows for more than one player.

For those who want to play with their Personal Computers via a local connection, each of the players who must be connected via a Local Area Network and must have Minecraft Java edition. The player with the main PC within the network will need to get the latest version of Java, download the Minecraft server and then run the server. Such a player will also need to initiate server commands on the PC and then connect to the server.

Some players play on the same system they use for the server, players must however ensure their system has at least a 4GB Random Access Memory (RAM) for optimal performance of the system.


Various Minecraft servers exist. Faction is a plugin that enables a game player to create a faction or a clan usually by raiding other factions usually allowing for griefing. Faction servers are PvP servers that allow players in the same faction or clan to work together in gathering resources. They also enable players to build bases and recruit new members.


Prison servers are usually set within the context of a prison involving no wilderness. Players mine and earn money in order to move up the rank. The players start at the lowest rank, earn money and move up the rank they become powerful. Some minecraft prison servers allow a player to escape and become free while some allow a player to gain or earn freedom.


Skyblock servers are servers which allow a player to create a floating Island and also invite friends. Each of the players try to survive on the floating Island limited resources while some others require partnership with friends to survive on the Island. Hypixel, Mineplex, mineheroes, extremecraft, Desteria, Minecraft central, primeMC Network and UberMC are also some of the popular minecraft plug-ins.

How Minecraft Make Sure Your Creative Experience Doesn’t Turn Sour

Safety remains a major source of concern in any online activity. Since the essence of the Minecraft server is for users to have a fun filled experience that is not tarnished with any unwanted development. This has prompted the server to be developed in such a way that the users can be protected. One of such is the introduction of gamertag.

Once a player is logged-in he or she can set privacy and multiplayer preferences and manage account as well as ensure no other player is entitled to the player name chosen. Different features such as add friend, mute, block, report, T filters, volunteer moderators, expanded chat filters, removal of private messaging, are some of the features that have been introduced.

Through these features a player can choose who to ‘add as friend’ or even ‘block’ thereby permitting the player to have control over his or her circle of friends while interactions that are contradictory to set rules can be prevented or addressed.

At times when a player wants to be on his own without any distraction such a player may block the multi-player option. In cases when a player’s right has been infringed upon in any way the player can make a report so that appropriate action can be taken to ensure order is maintained.

Parental controls have also been introduced to ensure children under the age of 13 must first get their parent’s permission to create an Xbox Live account. This thereby helps to protect children from unneeded interactions which may affect their development as well as education.

Online players are also advised to avoid giving out their account password or share their Xbox Live account. Players must also not that only dubious personalities would request for their passwords. Players must not fall for the tricks of dubious personalities online who may request for their personal information in exchange for free minecraft coins.

How Do I Join a Creative Server?

Joining a creative Minecraft server comes with different benefits such as interacting with multiple players, building a friendly community, and having fun. Joining Minecraft server is not difficult. It is like joining other servers. The first thing to do is to find a server on Minecraft server listing website.

Pick the one you believe will give you the kind of gaming experience you desire. You should then click on start minecraft. You will then need to click on multiplayer (if it is going to involve more than a player). After that, click add server. You will be taken back to the server list.

Click the server and then join

This does not mean that players may not at a point in time experience some challenges. Those challenges are however not insurmountable. For instance, server problems may be a challenge at the time when you decide to use the server.

Such a situation should be well addressed by the server provider. Also the larger the network the more a player is likely to have challenges but players are advised to ascertain if the challenge is from their end or not. At times the challenge may be router settings or any activity requiring the user to make some adjustments like the IP address.

Check the Rules

Beyond joining a Minecraft server, many who own their own server get the opportunity to set the rules in line with their interest. You can make the game run exactly according to your specifications, a situation which allows for such a player to derive optimal satisfaction.

The person who owns a minecraft server has complete control on not just how the game runs but those other players who are allowed to join. It therefore allows you to create and grow the kind of community you desire. Minecraft servers is also a means of generating revenue as servers usually accept donations from players, running of adverts selling ranks and permissions as well as kits or passes.

What Makes A Good Creative Server?

Minecraft servers are tailored towards meeting the needs of the players. A good Minecraft server usually reflects an aggregate of the players’ expectations. The server provider is expected to show adequate understanding of players’ needs while developing any server. These needs vary.

Here are some qualities usually expected of a good Minecraft server:

Server Capacity

Capacity of a multi-player option is one major factor that distinguishes servers. The capacity of a server to allow a ‘the more the merrier experience’ among players makes the users to derive optimal satisfaction.

Playing online games has gone beyond being a sole player to checking out how you can compete with others whether within your geographic location or outside it. When thousands of players can use a server effectively at the same time without having their fun inhibited it endears such a server to wider range of users.

A good Minecraft server is expected to have a lot of people on it on a regular basis.

Server Performance

Performance is another factor. Minecraft servers are usually known for their performance even in terms of speed. Apart from that, the range of options or game modes each server offers, is also another factor. The ease of connecting to the server is also a stimulating factor as players prefer those that would not require a cumbersome process to run or operate.


Uniqueness is another factor. Players tend to prefer a particular Minecraft server because it offers different unique features which make the server stand out among the rest. Players tend to play different games and are easily bored when it is obvious that there are two games or more that are virtually the same. It is the uniqueness that it is likely going to make the players to keep playing a particular game or using a particular server.

Some Minecraft servers are known for having original plugins and the games they offer cannot be found in other servers.

Easy to play

Ease of playing is another factor. If the Minecraft server offers a lot of distractions in the course of accessing the server then from the start it pisses off many users who basically look forward to having fun. For some it is not about the point of joining a server it is the different pop-ups and adverts which are enough distractions to users.

Time is precious even if it is meant for fun. Lagging is what users or players want to avoid while using any server. Also players want games they can easily understand how to get started and how to master its operation for fun. If it requires making too many consultations or asking too many questions players may not be willing to give much of their time to it after all time spent on the game is more about fun, not on a difficult exercise.

Great Community

Community of friendly players will usually encourage others to join and those who are already members of the community should also be motivated to remain committed to having fun through the server together. An unfriendly community of online users would easily end up in the exit of members. That is why rules on the use of the server must be adhered to and enforced so that any member of the community will not be treated unfairly or the objective of the server may be defeated.

Regular Updates

Regular update also helps to keep the players alive rather than a server that is dormant in terms of giving out information appropriately. Players are more interested when there is something new added or shared on the platform.

Exploits offered through the server is also a thrilling factor that tilts the interest of players to a particular server. Players also look out for interesting challenges that will make them long for more. The exploits that is offered also makes players want to go for the game at any point in time. If the exploits are not thrilling the player may just play once or for a few times and then get bored easily.

Economic factor

To some this is a major factor, to others it is not. Fun must not just be interesting but economical. How pocket or data friendly it is using a particular server matters to some. This is a major consideration for server managers as they are aware that price can be a factor which may make the server to be considered or rejected.

How We Rank The Best Creative Servers

Various sources have different considerations for selecting the best servers. Some of the best Minecraft servers include: XenoBlox, Hypixel, Mineplex, mineheroes, extremecraft, Desteria, Minecraft central, PrimeMC Network , UberMC, Brawl, Mineage Factions, Zero.Minr, Ranch n Craft and The Mining Dead.