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top best Minecraft city servers to join

Minecraft is one of the best gaming avenues in the gaming industry. The experience garnered by the Minecraft has given them the capability to provide excellent servers. If you are looking for the best Minecraft and most especially City Servers, you are just at the right place.

We list the best Minecraft City Servers for players to play and have an amazing experience. This article will expose you to some very good stuffs regarding the best Minecraft City servers.

Minecraft City servers are very popular among the players in the gaming world. There is a very high demand for the best city servers as players are always on the lookout for it.

The best City Minecraft servers must have certain expected features that will do nothing but to amuse the players. One of the expected feature is to have aesthetic city.

The City servers are expected to have a creative mode for building. The buildings in the City should be of various sizes, shapes and beauty. The city as should be described in the City Servers of the Minecraft must be a mega city. It should have a very close similarity to the real world.

City servers should be characterized by its quest for survival by the players. There must be what is called survival of the fittest. The players should always strive for survival. In such a world, there will be a mixture of both unemployment and employment alike.

In addition to this, there must be a crime control system just like the real world. If there is no crime control system, there will be break down of law and order. And when there is a breakdown of law and order; the virtual world will automatically collapse.

Hence, the police force must be in action and in place. The military should also be in place and be ready for any eventuality of war if any. Of course, this virtual mega city will have its own unique challenges.

Inspiration, they say, is the mother of invention. The best City Minecraft servers must inspire players in all spheres of the human life. The great architectural pieces of the virtual world should, for example greatly inspire the players; the military skills, the electrical skills, the civil engineering skills and a lot more will be of immense benefit through inspiration.

Now, apart from this inspiration, the players can turn the inspiration around. That is to say that, the players can implement whatever they have been inspired to do. The real world is full of inspirations that have already been transformed into realities.

Even the idea of the Minecraft is an inspiration that was transformed into a reality for the benefit of mankind. The players should be able to turn their inspirations to virtual realities in their world.

What’s a City Server?

The City Minecraft server is one of the best servers of the Minecraft community. In Minecraft, a City Server is one that its game play takes place in a gigantic virtual world full of towns and cities. Players in this virtual world are allowed to live freely.

You are permitted as a player to start your own business, partake in financial investment, build and if possible own your home and to a very large extent start your own city if possible.

You can start your life from scratch by getting a paid job or starting your own business in a small, comfortable office and then eventually end up becoming a multimillionaire.

Own Real estate

In the City server game of the Minecraft, you can own a multitude of real estate. The new members who are also players are allowed to purchase these real estate from you or they buy as the case may be. You can also hire other players to do the dirty works.

This server is amazing as you can live a “real” life in a virtual world. You can choose to live a very honest life. Players are also allowed as you desire to line a criminal life.

As a criminal, you can take part in the drug cartel. Players can live in the outskirts of the city to do some dirty stuffs and smuggle drugs around the city and become a drug lord or just a robber robbing people and properties.

Choose your characters life

Living an honest life is also very possible in the Minecraft city. You can work your way to becoming very wealthy by owning your own businesses, starting your own cities, hiring other players and collecting taxes.

The City server is well equipped with a well-trained and structured police force that are capable of controlling crimes. The police force can effect an arrest and thereafter charge a culprit to court. If the court also finds the culprit guilty, it means, therefore, that the accused will be sentenced to imprisonment.

As an inmate, players are allowed to work and move higher in the ranks that will enable them to be free or to escape by virtue of their rank.

Endless Possibilities

The Minecraft City server provides a life of endless possibilities since players are allowed to do anything. Not just anything because there are laws or rules that will be used against any criminal tendencies.

This server is a grand success itself. Many game players are seriously in love with the fun associated with this server because it has a very close system with the real world itself. Some players try to live the way they live in the real world while some try to play the bad guy to see which one will be of benefit to them.

The City server of the Minecraft is well built with the latest technology. It also has many plugins which are of immense benefit to the success of the City server. Plugins such as economy, Factions, SkyBlock and lots more have been put to work to make the server worthwhile.

What makes a good city Minecraft server?

The City Minecraft servers are well known in the Minecraft community all over the globe. And the City servers are very popular, of course among its teeming players in the industry.

The popularity and acceptance of these servers are hinged on their features. You are in the right place to read about those things that make City servers of the Minecraft a household name.

Free world

One of the things that will make a good City Minecraft server is the permission of the free world. The life of people or residents of the city should be able to live freely without fear or fright.

This will be made possible when law and order are permitted to take place. Players should be permitted to go to school and study. Some may want to start their lives from small by going into businesses through the opening of shops or small offices. Freedom is of the essence in the virtual world.

Real life Role-playing

The Minecraft City servers should replicate what is obtainable in the real world. All life processes and or events such as getting married, schooling, employment, unemployment, government, and much more should be allowed to take place in the City server world.

In addition to that, the Minecraft City server should have a very active forum for discussions. In order to make a server better, it is not all about the server creators alone. Players should also be allowed to make an input. The forum will function to discuss events and happenings among the players in the real world.

The forum may also feature any update with respect to the server. The forum can serve as a “suggestion box” where players can offer suggestions on how the server can perform better. In fact, the forum will jointly unite the server users as one big family.

When the forum is active with players all over the world airing their views, and the City server management making an input or carrying out suggestions, then the game players will feel the unity and feel part of the family.

Active customer support

The Minecraft City server, should like many Minecraft servers, offer a very excellent customer service support. All the channels dedicated to making contacts with the players should be very active 24 hours every day.

Players will be well satisfied when all complaints are attended to especially in a timely manner. One satisfied customer will spread the news and bring other players to come and join the City server. So, customer service is the heart of every business.

Regular updates

It is expected that a good Minecraft City server should have regular update. The creators of the City server must be up and doing. The creators should be active by providing regular updates so that growth can take place.

Update should be made available to players as and when due. It is good to introduce certain changes that will keep the players in suspension from time to time.

The forum when created can help the server creators to receive some suggestions which they can work with and effect a landmark change as may be demanded by the players.

How do I join a city server?

Information, they say, is power. At a certain time, people will always get to a time where they will need pieces of information about how to join a server of your choice.

Information on how to join a Minecraft server, of course, is always available at the knowledge base of the server’s website. In addition to the knowledge base, some servers have also made both written and video tutorials available for their esteemed players all in a bid to provide support for them.

However, this write up seeks to expose you to how to join a Minecraft City server in a simple and easy way.

Get to know what particular game that is of interest to you. The interest of many people may vary from one person to another. What thrills one person, may not thrill the other person. It is good to know what you want.

What kind of server provides your type of game? What type of City server gives you the fun that you are seeking for? If you can honourably answer this question, then you are half way to joining your ideal City server.

Choose your budget

In what looks like the above point, budgeting for your ideal City server is another thing to consider before taking some physical steps. The servers are not actually free.

Some servers may allow you to run it for free for some stipulated time so that you can come and subscribe for complete package. And these servers come with different amount of money. The better the server in terms of what to offer, the more expensive the server is.

So, always compare your ideal server with what your budget is before you come to a final conclusion for the purpose of selection.

Finding your ideal server

Having taken the steps as above: finding your ideal server and comparing your ideal server with your budget, then you take another step to get closer to joining your ideal City Minecraft server.

Go on the internet and search for a list of Minecraft City servers. The list of the best Minecraft City Servers will be populated for you to then begin to make your selection. After populating the list, make sure that you read through each server in the description that is written for each of the servers.

If a description matches with what you want, then select the server and proceed to the next steps.

Joining the server

After all the steps are followed, you are 95% close to joining the best Minecraft City servers. The next step is to start up Minecraft. A window is opened and you can select Multiplayer from the option on the screen. Another screen is displayed after selecting Multiplayer, click the button Direct Connect.

You can either use the Direct Connect method or the Add Server method. If you want to use the 2nd method, just click Add Server. The fields, calling for the server Internet Protocol Address and the Server Name will be waiting for you to fill in the required fields.

You can input any name of your choice for the Server Name while you copy the Internet Protocol Address and fill it into the space provided. Then, automatically you have joined the best Minecraft City servers.

How we rank the best city servers

We rank the best Minecraft City servers for players to have maximum experience. Ranking up a server is one of the problems that is associated with Minecraft servers.

There are no unique or specific manner in which City server can be ranked. The Minecraft community has witnessed a lot of ranking in the industry. Each of the best Minecraft servers has its own way of ranking system. The better the ranking, the attractive the server.

In a general way, the ranking up begins from the lowest level and terminates at the topmost level. The best Minecraft City server should be ranked with the Leaderboards being displayed on the website whereby top players are mentioned.

The implication of this is that other players will look up to the top players and be inspired to be like them. The top players will become their source of inspiration both in the virtual world and in the real world.

The best Minecraft City server ought to be ranked with the use of free rank. One of the ranking steps or levels should be free such that players will be freed or allowed to have or enjoy certain privilege.

For example, the players could be free to assume any very strong political status in the mega city after completing a certain volume of work or challenges. In the same vein, the players may be free to become the Mayor of the mega city for a period of time. Free rank is usually a common phenomenon with the best major Minecraft servers.

Reward for labour should be encouraged or considered when we talk about ranking the best Minecraft City server. Every player who has labored should be rewarded. Reward, no matter how small, is the catalyst for players to advance in the Minecraft community.

When players are proportionately rewarded, it will be a source of motivation for the players. Even if players are not playing for labour, then they will play for passion. Hence, there should also be a reward for passion. The reward should be well spelt out so that the red line is not crossed.

Creativity should be considered in the quest to rank the best Minecraft City servers. By virtue of the nature of the city server game, there should be a room for creativity. The mega city of the Minecraft community with its beauty should be a source of inspiration for players to be creative.

Looking at the city, players can be allowed to build their own cities with a lot of creative expressions therein. Creativity, they say, is the mother of invention. Creativity will enable the players to think outside the box and infuse certain stuff that will make their cities stand out from the crowd.