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The best Minecraft Challenge servers are listed on our site for the accessibility of players worldwide to play and have fun. Minecraft is as old as the gaming industry with its long years of experience has featured and is still featuring a lot of exciting servers. And one of the servers being featured is the Minecraft Challenge servers.

The Challenge servers are one of the oldest servers of the Minecraft community in existence. The best Challenge Minecraft servers are loaded with exciting features that have been able to sustain the servers till this moment.

Minecraft Challenge servers have excellent features that make it unique among all the Minecraft servers. First on the list is the challenge. The best Minecraft Challenge servers are loaded with a series of challenges for players.

The challenges range from mazes, puzzles, parkour, adventure maps and even hybrid challenges. The hybrid challenge has multiple challenge types designed for the players to complete. While some servers will make the players complete the tasks for a limited duration of time, some servers keep open time for the tasks.

The best Minecraft Challenges servers should be ranked since the servers are full of games on challenges. The beauty or motivating factor for players when they successfully complete some given tasks is to move higher in rank. When the players know that they will move higher in rank, it spurs them to add more effort and be successful. This actually has a way of teaching players to put more effort in every task until they get to where their destination is. The ranking system should be designed such that at a certain level, there could be a reward.

Creativity should be allowed for clear expression when it comes to the best Minecraft Challenges servers. The creativity of the players must be tested with some tedious tasks. This will bring out the creative side of the players. For example, if a server has a game that has to do with the building of a castle to defend himself as a challenge, then you will discover the ingenuity resident in these players. They will build castles with out-of-the-world design and these designs can be translated to the real life castles. It enhances their architectural skills.

These Challenge servers also include competition among players. When competition is set among the players, they probably may form guilds or factions and go into the battle. Some new members may be recruited into the factions to prepare for the competition.

The competition will enable players to meet with or relate to other players and become friends in the Minecraft community. Many Minecraft game players usually look forward to competitive games. After the competition, the names of the faction or guild or even members of the faction will be published on the web as the winners.

What’s a Challenge Server?

A Minecraft Challenge server is one of the servers in the Minecraft community that is created or specialized in challenges. It is basically all about challenges. And the challenges as created in a Challenge server are quite different from the Challenges as created in other servers.

The examples of the challenges include puzzles, mazes, parkour, adventure maps and hybrid challenges. It is good to note that even hybrid challenges are of multiple challenge types. Various game players have developed a very deep liking for some specific games on some certain servers which they prefer to use at any point in time.

For example, in a castle building challenge, you just open your eyes to find yourself in a foreign land which is not known or familiar to you. It is designed for you not to have a memory of how you got to the foreign land. Then you are forced to protect and fortify yourself in that location against some attacks now, this fortification has to begin with your bare hands by constructing your castle to shield you from those attacks. And then you move from one stage to other stages as you grow in ranks on your successful completion of each task. Each stage has its own challenge.

These servers are a world full of challenges. Many players graduate from one challenge to another. They have so much mastered some certain challenges that they need something more tasking. However, such more tasking challenges are available in the Minecraft community. This means that there are challenges on a larger scale.

On the other hand, there is also a situation where the same game is raised to a higher bar, that is, from a lower frequency to a higher frequency. Some servers refer to it as levels. So the game runs from a low level to a higher level. So players begin from the lowest level to the next level and plays to complete each level until the highest level ever possible.
Unique Challenges from server to server

Since there are so many challenge servers in the Minecraft community, the games are surely different from one another. But many have somewhat similar concept in game mode. The features may be a little bit different as well. For instance, some servers allow ranks to be earned by the completion of tasks. As a player completes tasks to a certain level, the said player earns a rank. Meanwhile, on the other hand, some servers, require players to purchase their ranks.

Basically, the concept of purchasing the ranks will definitely make players to be lazy, to want to complete their challenges. Generally, even in the real world, people like to take the easy path in a situation where there is an alternative. In our own opinion, earning your rank by working hard is more appreciated than purchasing your rank. When you learn and practice how to work very hard, it will become the norm for you even in the real world.

What makes a good Minecraft challenge server?

It is no news that the Minecraft community is loaded with a lot of servers. The Minecraft Challenge servers are no exceptions. But, these Minecraft Challenge servers can be distinguished by virtue of their features and the services they rendered.

A good Minecraft server is known for its uniqueness and can stand out from the crowd. One of the things that can make a good Challenge Minecraft server is the challenge feature. A challenge server must have an array of challenges for the players to play around with. The challenges are in stages. As you progress through the stages, the harder the challenges become. Also, these challenges must be challenging in its real sense. It must be mind boggling and mentally consuming.

Easy to use GUI

Another point that can make a good challenge Minecraft server is the Graphical User Interface. This should be user friendly, simple and very easy to use. When the Graphical User Interface is user friendly, players may not need to go through the stress of finding information from the knowledge base.

Apart from this, editable stand for armour and tools is equally important. This is a stand that lists weapons and or tools to be used for a certain challenge. And it is not just a stand, but an editable one for that matter.

Voting Feature

Generally, there is a voting feature in almost all the Minecraft servers. But a good challenge Minecraft server will take it further by adding rewards for voting for the server. This will tend to attract voters to your server when they know that there is a reward. Moreover, a good Minecraft challenge server should have a friendly players and staff.

The players will be friendly when they are satisfied. They are satisfied when the customer support service is excellent. All the channels that have been dedicated to reaching the service agents for complaints should be very active. All complaints should also be resolved within acceptable time.

Well built & maintained

A good Minecraft challenge server must be well built. The server must be well coded with the proper commands. You either do the building yourself if you have the know-how or you employ the service of an expert that will do the job. Building the server is the basic and primary thing to achieve. It is the premise or foundation on which all other things are built.

After the building is complete, make sure that the server is test-run before launching into the public. It must also be noted that the use of excellent plugins that will enhance the working of the server must be put into consideration. Some notable plugins which are used for Minecraft Challenge server include Skyblock, Faction and much more.

The list of the features that will make a Minecraft challenge server be the best is endless. But, for want of space, it is good to mention the ranking system. A challenge server must rank players in the challenge server game. And Leaderboard to be placed on the website to display high ranking players which other players can see and hope to overtake.

How do I join a challenge server?

Joining a Minecraft Challenge server is not a rocket science. Do not be surprised that many people or players do not know how to join a server especially the Minecraft challenge server.

Some players have been playing games for donkey years in the Minecraft community, yet they do not understand how to join a Minecraft challenge server. This may be largely due to the fact that someone assisted them to join a server when they were newbies. So, now they need to learn it. This write up seeks to explore how you can join a Minecraft Challenge server.

Find the challenge game type you want

What is your type of game? Before you think of joining a Minecraft server, especially the Challenge server, identify the king of game that will be of interest to you. Since there are different kinds of games (which are challenges) on different challenge servers, many players tend to concentrate on some specific challenges that sweep them off their feet.

Examples of challenges are parkour, map, puzzle and a lot more. Some players prefer mind or mental boggling challenge like the puzzle while some like a fairly stressful challenge like the parkour. Hence, identify your ideal challenge or game.

Free or pay to play

In addition to the above point, you must also know or determine how much you are willing to cough out to get your ideal challenge server. The more the quality of a Minecraft challenge server in terms of what it stands to offer its teeming players, the more expensive the server is. That is to say that there are different prices for different challenge servers.

So whatever the case may be, you definitely find the challenge server that falls into your budget. You will need to check this out within the bracket of your kind of challenge or game.

Joining a server

Basically, joining a Minecraft server is the same. The next line of call is to search the internet for a Minecraft listing website. The website will list the best Minecraft Challenge servers. These servers are in their hundreds. Simply take the pain to go through the list one by one.

Make sure that the description on each of the challenge server listed is what you want and also be sure that it is your kind of challenge or game. In addition, also be sure that the price associated with it is within your budget before you finally go for it.

After you finally pick the Minecraft Challenge server that fulfills all the conditions stated above, you are just an inch away from joining your Minecraft challenge server of your choice. So the next is starting the Minecraft server. After starting Minecraft, a window is displayed where you click Multiplayer.

Another window is displayed after clicking Multiplayer. Click Add Server in the displayed window. The Server Name and the Internet Protocol Address will be displayed. You are allowed to use any name for the Server Name while you copy and paste or input the Internet Protocol Address in the space that is provided. Then you click Join Server. Hurray!

How we rank the top challenge servers in Minecraft

Ranking up a server is very rampant these days. Despite the fact that ranking up a server is somewhat an issue, it is very important that we rank our challenge servers. Why is ranking an issue in the Minecraft servers? This is simple. It is because, there is no general way or model to follow to design the ranking system. Hence, everyone tends to develop its ranking system the way that mat be best for them. In this write up, We’re going to share with us how we rank the best challenge server of the Minecraft community.

On a general note, ranking up a server commences from the low level to the top most level. As you login into a challenge server, you are seen as a guest and should begin from the lowest level. Some people refer to their own lowest level as the guest level.

Some rank with the use of numbers with number one representing the lowest number while others rank with the use of terms or words which are arbitrary. But whatever the case may be, the ranking must begin from somewhere regarded as the lowest and end at a higher level.

For example, in say a parkour game, the ranks may be outlined as follows:

  • White: this is considered as the default rank. And the implication of that is that it is the lowest rank automatically assigned to anyone as the person logs into the system. This ranking level will have access to puzzles, maps, parkour challenges as the case may be.
  • Blue: this the second level after the white or the default level. This will have a unique access clearly distinct from the default level. It is not only distinct, but different in such a way that the default level will not be able to access what the Blue rank can access. For instance, the Blue rank will have access to the hardcore system.
  • Green: this is the third level on the ranking ladder. This will definitely have more power than the first two ranks. This could have access to all the worlds and also possess build rights. This rank may also be designed to create its own challenges.
  • Purple: this is the fourth level on the ranking ladder. This rank may be made to represent the moderator. Then, as a moderator, the player in this rank will have the power to mute, ban and kick as well.
  • Orange: this is the fifth level in the ranking ladder. This rank may assume the role of an admin. This rank will have absolute power or right across the server. This rank will be able to do much more than what the other ranks cannot do. It is the ultimate or the highest level in the ranking ladder.

The best challenge server of the Minecraft community should consider rewards in the ranking system. This will serve as something that will motivate the players. They get motivated to move higher in rank.