To have orderliness is golden in our world. Nobody likes chaos but when it comes to gaming, nothing can be more appealing than anarchy. You are in a  world that is deliberately created for no rules, and as such, can reenact what you cannot do in the real orderly world. This is exactly what all the best Minecraft Anarchy servers offer players; that desire to suspend the reality of order. Today, different servers have developed unique anarchy games around this rebellious concept. It is indeed hard to put a figure on the amount of servers that host Minecraft Anarchy games. But then, good or bad, you have a host of them all over the internet.

Our site has already relieved you of the stress of having to run a search for the best Minecraft Anarchy servers that host by carefully doing the selection on your behalf. For each server, we provide unique information that could attract you to it. Besides, we have generic information, that a new player needs to know, about all the servers on our long list. Some of them include the IP address of the server, Minecraft Version used by the servers, location of the server, voting accrued to it by users, the website address of the owners of the servers and the uptime percentage.

What is a Minecraft Anarchy Server?

Where there is no law, there is no sin, people often say. Well, this is quite a reality in the worlds of Minecraft Anarchy games. Anarchy games are characterized by not having a single rule. A Minecraft Anarchy Server is one that provides a gaming experience that is defined by no rules. What obtains is a common understanding that as a player, you are to guard your scarce resources with all your life, and well, not expect to have this “life” of yours for too long. Everyone is subjectively good and life in these games is brutish, nasty and short! They are creatively built for terror and aggression. There is only one thing on the minds of every player of this game: survival.

All the best Minecraft Anarchy servers have a common progenitor in 2builders2tools, otherwise known as 2b2t. This server is the first anarchy server and one of the oldest Minecraft servers. It was popularly known to have a queue of up to 1000 intending players during its first months of existence. Today, there numerous places on Minecraft to get your regular dose of chaos without having to wait. However, we have simplified the process of the choice you will make from a lot of servers out there through our list of the Best Minecraft Anarchy servers.

How do I join An Anarchy Server?

If you are in a bit of haste to hop on any of the Best Minecraft Anarchy servers which we have compiled, then you are just a few minutes away from discovering a darker side of your inner mind. The steps for connecting to a server that you may have chosen for the list are the same as joining any other Minecraft server.

To connect, you have to be sure that you are running the exact version of Minecraft as the server. After you have ascertained this, log into Minecraft and look for Multiplayer on the main menu. Then click on the Add Server option and input the IP address of your chosen server.