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Pre-Hosting Activities

Before hosting a Minecraft server, you should do some proper planning. This ranges from:

Proper planning:

It begins from here. Anyone who fails to plan will definitely plan to fail. So it is said. The planning stage entails getting to know and or understanding what you want to do.

Planning is very essential in the pre-hosting activities. What kind of game do you want? You have to know this. Do you want a combat game, racing, etc? The idea or concept of what you want will lead you through the remaining process.


Since you now have an idea of what you want as in the kind of game you want, get the necessary plugin ready for such endeavor. You need to know the required plugins that will perfectly work for the idea.

Coding your idea:

You need to code your idea. This can be done directly by you, especially if you have the technical understanding of coding. However, if you cannot code you can look out for a technical person who will do the coding for you. But this will come at a cost as it is not free. Make sure that the coder is someone of honest and trustworthy character. Select these attributes over cheap prices.

Testing your work:

After coding make sure that you text your work before proceeding to the next stage. The testing will reveal any error if present. The testing will reveal the quality of work done so far. Any error noted should be quickly corrected and tested again and certified okay.

Hosting your server:

Having certified the quality of the work done so far, the next phase is to host your idea. Get to select a good server and proceed with the hosting. But you cannot just host.

If you need the best Minecraft server hosting company, you are in the right place. Sit back, fasten your belt and let us explore the best Minecraft hosting journey together.


Available Game Server Mods:

rent a cheap dedicated Minecraft server

Why Rent a Minecraft Server?

The best Minecraft server hosting actually begins with the question “why rent a Minecraft server?” The original version of the Minecraft was officially released in the year 2009. Since then, the Minecraft has been out on different platforms with the mobile phones having its mobile application as well. Here are some reasons reasonable enough to go for Minecraft.

With the huge experience in the gaming industry, they have introduced high creativity into the Minecraft community. The Minecraft appeals to both the older generation as well as the younger generation.

Even children show their love Minecraft by virtue of the fun they have received so far. It brings out the creativity in kids as they take their time to build things up.

Minecraft is capable of running on any type of computer making it to be accessible to everyone. Minecraft is a simple platform for simulation for building, map and building gyms.

The Minecraft experience can be enhanced with various mods one of which is the Simply Tea. This good for those who drink tea. It features the teapots that you can use, including the tea trees as well for a maximum fun.

What to look for in a Minecraft Server Host

Before thinking of selecting a particular Minecraft server host, you must first of all, know those things that you are looking for. This is very essential as this will guide you in taking the necessary steps. Should you not know what you are looking for, this write up will put you through.

First and foremost, what will you be using the Minecraft server for? Is the Minecraft server only for you and a couple of friends or families without having to worry whether someone turns on his or her home computer all the time?

If this is it, then what you need is just a simple server with one cheap monthly subscription. But if you look to add more mod packs and a lot more, then you need a server with enough RAM that will support it without slowing it down. Anything short of this will not be able to support the server.

If you decide to have as many as 20 or 30 different users online at the same time, this is what is referred to as the user slot; then I bet you need to select a higher package for a better experience. Everything goes at a cost.

The more you pay, the more experience you get. Definitely you must get value for your money. It is not going to be too good for you to make some thick wads of money and at the same time refuse to reinvest same back to it by signing up for a package with a good hardware. Signing up for a good hardware will provide a good experience and service for your players and that means more money for you.

Lastly, read about the features or what each server is ready to offer to you. If you want more detail explanation on this, tutorials or articles have been placed on their respective website.

Creating your own MC server

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Minecraft Hosting Plan

If you consider choosing a hosting plan for Minecraft hosting, here are some of the things to exclusively consider but not limited to these though:

  • Latency: in this case the location of the server may be of paramount importance. This location will affect the general speed of the server, including the travel time of data. This is very key for those that want to launch a globally targeted server.
  • RAM: the more or bigger the RAM, the better the server. This is good for a dedicated server. You also read any forum on this.
  • Processor: the server processor gives rise to the processing power of the server. It is the rate at which the server processes data per unit time. You can read the threads and the processor generation for this.
  • Storage: generally a Solid State Drive is usually preferred in this case. This due to the rate of internal transfer taking place. It a faster form of storage and it is also a performance booster.
  • Mods and Plugin Updates: for the sake of ease, one click update is preferred. Also simple and free update is also recommended.
  • Minecraft Installation and Setup: the host’s support for Minecraft, installation and also set up will determine the amount of time you will spend doing this. To a very large extent, this should be the fundamental thing you look out for in choosing a Minecraft server host plan.
  • Control Panel (Optional): while this may not be so necessary, it is also good to check if your plan includes a control panel. Control panel permits you to edit files and also upload files without the use of any command line.


On entry level plan, most of the Minecraft server host offers a shared processor power and a dedicated RAM. Please disregard any advert or offer displaying “unlimited RAM.” RAM is normally divided among the number of servers that are hosted on each machine into dedicated lots.

Promises of unlimited storage are also not a good omen as the host may be using the cheapest available mechanical storage. Solid State Drives are highly recommended for storage.

Top Minecraft Server Hosting Companies

Hosting a Minecraft server can actually be fun, exciting, educational and even a profitable endeavor. You may want to have a dedicated server for hosting in your house running twenty-four hours every day or get a Minecraft server from a reputable company to do the hosting.

It is not advisable to run a hosting server from your house for many obvious reasons. For instance, the size of your RAM may be too small to run the server even in the face of expansion in the near future. So it is very much recommended to look out for a Minecraft server that will do the job for you.

The top Minecraft server hosting companies will be highlighted below for your exploration and usage:

  • Fatality Servers: the best Minecraft hosting company according to us.
  • Shockbyte: this has best overall server hosting service with amazing pricing.
  • Anvilnode: best Minecraft server hosting with over fifteen players.
  • MCProHosting: this is marked with an excellent hosting service at an affordable price.
  • ScalaCube: a very reliable and cheap server host.
  • ServerMiner: an excellent server hosting with an amazing price offer.
  • NitrousNetworks: wonderful provider of server host.
  • Apex Hosting: this is an expensive one, but a good host for your Minecraft server.
  • BeastNode: this company is an old hand in the industry with a good hosting reputation.
  • MelonCube: this is an average Minecraft server host.

Any of the host lists above is a great and a good pick. So select the one that suits your desire and within your budget for an amazing hosting experience.

awesome Minecraft castle build on dedicated server VPS


Shockbyte was established way back in 2013. It is presently the longest Minecraft server hosting provider available. The origin of this hosting provider is from the country of Australia.

But now, its Minecraft server hosting services are being recognized and patronized all over the world. The mission of the company is to offer quality hosting service at affordable cost. They are on course with this amiable mission. It has the following features:

  • It has unlimited slots for all plans.
  • Shockbyte is primed with custom control panel.
  • Great performance with a fantastic offer price.
  • It has overwhelming location coverage.
  • Its customer support is excellent. The customer support runs 24 hours every day quick responses through a live chat or ticket.

Their FAQs section might also help to answer some questions instead of contacting the support team.

Shockbyte has introduced the shocker! This is the discount marketing method through the use of coupons. This is done for all annual and semi-annual plans. This makes it possible for all and sundry to partake in the reduced offer price.


Anvilnode is noted for its quality Minecraft server hosting services. It is possible that it is not well known just like its peers on the above list, but do not jitter. Its service has already spoken for her.

The amazing performance as a result of its cutting edge technology employed in the discharge of its services. Its price is fair for all. Anvilnode offers a dedicated Minecraft server hosting service for those that want to take things to the next level.

Anvilnode prides itself in the following:

  • It employs cutting edge technology for a great performance. It has an amazing CPU and SSD drives to power all its servers.
  • It offers limitless slots.
  • Anvilnode has overwhelming location coverage.
  • Anvilnode also offers good prices.
  • The customer support service here is pretty good. Customers can get in touch via an agent through ticket, live chat and even Discord.

Fortunately, Anvilnode offers discountable prices so that everyone can have access to its services. It has the monthly and quarterly billing cycles as well as the semi-annual and annual billing cycles. All these plans have discounts associated with it.

But if you desire to go for a managed dedicated server, it is very costly. Though you will definitely get a lot of resources in return with a top priority support services included.

It is noteworthy to say that one of the disadvantages of the Anvilnode hosting server is that you can only select one of two regions. These regions are located in Canada and also in France respectively.

amazing Minecraft server build by pro players


MacProHosting was established in the year 2011. This is one of the oldest hosting providers of Minecraft servers in the industry. Its mission was to offer quality and affordable hosting services for all the fans of Minecraft servers.

The company has expanded since its establishment. MacProHosting has a lot to offer its numerous customers in terms of hosting service. Unlike the Anvilnode, MacProHosting has about 13 locations from all over the world to select from.

You can be rest assured that once your payment is processed and confirmed, the delivery will be activated. The custom control panel enables every request to be executed in no time.

MacProHosting is one of the Best Minecraft Server Hosting companies that supports both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft. The Bedrock edition is cheaper with lower number of RAM with limited slot. But the Java edition is a bit or fairly expensive (since it is a later technology) with bigger RAM and higher number of slots.

Generally, MacProHosting has great location coverage and automatic back up system. The company has a great and reliable customer support service system.

Customers support agent can be contacted through the live chat and ticket like every other server hosting companies. If you want to get across to the agents apart from the live chat and the ticket, you can make use of the Discord. You can also check out the knowledge base for tutorials and or articles for more information.

But most of the articles in the knowledge base are actually for the Java edition of Minecraft.


ScalaCube is from Estonia and was established in the year 2015 as a small company. It has grown to become a very reliable Minecraft server host in the industry. It is usually the target of beginners in the Minecraft community since the service is simple to use and very straightforward.

It should be noted that ScalaCube is not only for the beginners in Minecraft community. Even the most experienced users are welcome to make use of ScalaCube as it has a lot to offer them.

The customer support agents very reliable and fast. The agents can easily be contacted through live chat and email. And the customer support service is available 24 hours. All the channels created for customer satisfaction, including control panel are well attended to every moment.

There is a guide or tutorial that will guide help you to navigate through their website. The ScalaCube has unlimited slots with all packages. It has free website and a user forum. In addition to all these, it also has a custom launcher.

This hosting company makes payment easy by accepting only monthly payments with no money back guarantee.

ScalaCube has a great feature which allows the server users to create your own Minecraft launcher from their control panel. The Minecraft launcher may be customized in any number of ways.

You can even configure the Minecraft launcher to automatically open a specific kind of server. Another very striking feature is the offering of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) so that you do need to bother about sharing your resources with other server users.


ServerMine was established way back in 2012. The motto of the company is “Always here to help even though you’ll most likely be fine as our servers are just that good.” ServerMine specializes in Minecraft server hosting.

They boast of hosting packages for Minecraft at an affordable and cheap price. The company seems to be very confident in its services and that is admirable and well placed as it is evident in the positive reviews online.

ServerMiner uses a very unique and special control panel referred to as SMpicnic. The control panel was built to be server user friendly with a simple graphical user interface. It can assist you to easily manage your server.

This company has a new twist to hosting service in that in the case of eventualities of Minecraft virtual world collapse or corruption, the ServerMiner will help you to completely recover your world and you will be back on track.

Another rare feature offered by ServerMiner unlike other server hosting company is the tracking of the daily habit of your players with the tracking of the geographical location.

The number of regions for location coverage is not bad, just 8. The size of the storage of the company is unlimited and they have a wide variety of plugin for users to install from.

The customer support is not too impressive despite the fact that their customer agents are contacted through ticket and email like other companies. On the company’s website is the location of a step by step tutorial on many features and services offered.


This company was established in the year 2010 as a one-man show, but later grew very rapidly to include Minecraft server hosting service. The company is still growing even to include more titles. There are Minecraft servers for both Pocket and Java editions of Minecraft.

Nitrous has the following features:

Nitrous offers 24 hours support for customers. Thir customer service is very good since the customer agents are contacted through ticket and live chat. The ticketing system is reserved only for existing customers while the live chat can be used by both existing and new customers alike.

No other customer support channel is available, including Discord, but there exist a good number of valuable and useful articles for users on their website.

  • The Minecraft server hosting service has a very good performance.
  • The company has a very good location coverage.
  • They offer a free voice server.
  • The Company’s server hosting service is not too costly and not too cheap.
  • The Java edition of the Minecraft is a little bit expensive with a bigger RAM and 5 slots maximum.
  • The Pocket edition of the Minecraft is less expensive or let’s say it is cheaper than the Java edition with an unlimited RAM, but the same number of slots as the Java edition. Normally, you can get more number of slots only when you purchase a more expensive package.

Nitrous offers discounts only when you subscribe to their plans. The plans range from quarterly, semi-annual and yearly plans. The company accepts only 4 currencies.

Apex Hosting

This Minecraft server hosting company has an easy set up for the new comers in the Minecraft community. This does not, however also mean that old members should not make use of it as well.

This company has a free sub domain for easy and simple set up to keep the server running. Their servers have ultra-low latency which keeps the server running a smooth operation.

Apex offers an excellent custom control panel with a wonderful user graphical interface for a better experience. The Minecraft server setup does not take too much time with the inclusion of DDoS protection.

There are numerous software to select from when setting up your server with the different plans that suit your budget. There is also provision for you to upgrade your server or downgrade at any point in time.

Just like some Minecraft server hosting companies, they also have different levels of support. These different levels is in tune with their different plans. Their basic package is associated with basic customer support services. In the same vein, their premium package is associated with the premium customer support service.

One of the premium customer support services will see users being helped to upload new plugin (worlds and mods) for you instead of you doing it by yourself. If the premium package is within your budget, then it is strongly advisable for you to subscribe to it.

In the race to be the best Minecraft server hosting online, the company has introduced a multi craft panel that is customized.

Minecraft Server

Minecraft Server is a very long player in the industry. This company is very passionate about everything Minecraft. They are old in the business of Minecraft server hosting.

These guys have a lot of experience. They allocate more resources to your players giving them an amazing experience. The easy to use servers are very fast with an excellent support system. If you are looking for a low budget Minecraft server hosting company, then here is not your destination.

This is because service in this company is very expensive. However, when your Minecraft server begins to run, you will be glad you paid higher because you will not experience any glitches or slowdown that is common with some server hosting companies.

This company has many to offer owing to their cutting edge technology. The have the super high quality hardware. The service is super extremely fast, even when a lot of players are playing games online. The company is very dedicated and extremely passionate about anything Minecraft.

They have been in the business of hosting and gaming since the beginning of this industry with an overwhelming experience. The customer support system here is very excellent. You hardly experience glitches as they seem to have resolved the issues in the buildup of the server itself.

Their wealth of experience is seriously at work. Minecraft has discount for some plans, but not all. Discount begins from the quarterly package, but not from the monthly package. You can be rest assured that you will get value for your money paid.


This server hosting company is known for premium price option and low-cost option consecutively. The company is very versatile with the use of the state of the art technology. They bring to use excellent hardware running on a gigabit uplink.

It does not take so much time for them to get your server set up and put to work. This company has levels of services to offer to a different cadre of people. The company is willing to grow with you as your server also grows. As more people are attracted to you, the more your server grows.

They possess an excellent SSD drive, hardware, latest Intel processors and great bandwidth all at a premium cost. Their customer support system is all round the clock. You are assured of smooth support.

This company has different levels of support. The basic service is equipped with the basic support server hosting services. The basic hosting service has its unique features and functionality associated with it.

Another level of support here is the premium support. This comes with the premium service. Like the basic support, the premium support service also has its special features and functionality associated with it.

The premium support service is quite different and higher than that of the basic support service. The premium support service comes with full technology and it is very easy to use. It has a very simple graphical user interface.

But whichever support service you subscribe to, be rest assured of a good service. There is value for your money paid here.


The MelonCube is the known most easy to set up for Minecraft hosting. The company has a free package which is a trial package. The trial permits you to test run different platforms that will help you in managing your server and Minecraft community much easier.

After the end of your trial session, then you decide to subscribe to any of the platform you want. MelonCube is the place to get a Minecraft server for a lot of reasons. Their features include, but not limited to:

  • Quality hardware with great up-times, cutting edge technology and a lot more.
  • Their billing system is fair and very simple. The billing system does not have any long contract. In addition to these, they possess an automated system to at any moment upgrade your server, downgrade your server. It is so much designed for you to quit at any point in time with them if you think you are not enjoying the server hosting service being rendered to you.
  • It will be surprising to read that there is a lot of extras which they do not really charge extra for. Examples include unlimited user slots, full access to the File Transfer Protocol and the custom jars with easy installs.
  • The Company offers back-up services and a dedicated Internet Protocol but at a cost.
  • They desire that you grow with them by gradually scaling up your server.
  • They equally offer discount like every other server hosting company. The longer you subscribe, the more discount you get.